As the title states, Organization XIII is recruiting!

We are currently looking for mature players who we can socialize with and can help us level! We are vent based and have a website on its way in about a week or so. Once the guild is high enough level, we will start a fresh Raiding group. Depending on how many people want to raid, we might make two raiding groups as well, one lead by me and the other will be lead by someone competent enough to lead a group.

We will have a special ranking system as to how you will progress through the guild. It will be explained in detail once the website is up and running.

Our Goals:

Short term:

*Get level 25
*Purchase 7 Guild bank tabs (Currently have 5 almost 6)
*Organize everything for the long term

Long term:

*Have 2 full progression raiding groups running 8/8H DS
If everyone is doing good, we will run 25 man DS
*Purchase the 8th Guild bank tabs
*Be one of the top guilds in Ghostlands

These are just a few things we are mainly focused on at the moment. We are very serious about this guild and we want serious mature people. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun :P

For the time being, everyone is welcome. We do ask that you respect everyone in the guild and show the same respect you want people to show you. You may contact the following people in game for invites or reply here.

Guild Master:


And for the time being, I have also given the new people invite privileges so anyone who is in the guild may invite you. Just send a /w :P

See you there!
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