Lets even the playing field!!!

85 Troll Hunter
After talking to some Horde, some guildies, and 1 or 2 allies on Fizzcrank, I decided I would like to make an effort in returning to Fizzcrank for not just the PvP aspect of it, but for all reasons set apart in this game.

But this is the problem, and heres what I want to try before we make any sudden moves and rash decisions in returning to a almost dead horde server.

What we are most concerned about is the fact anyone would join our guild to PvE and PvP raid, run RBG'S, arenas, World PvP and whatever else. So I want to start here with the invites to CRETINS. We dont just need active players, we need a !@#$ load of players, enough to fill out 25 mans for old and new raids, but out going members participating in PvP! Basically it's going to be all around style guild like we used to be. People who want to run dailies, dungeon runs, raid and gain achievements.

The more active and somewhat active players that we can get, the better the chance we will come over. Send me a in game mail to Drahh (without the ä, just regular old a) on Fizzcrank and tell me you are defintelely coming over and or wish to join the guild, dont bother if you are only "interested". And tell your friends!

So lets give it a try and hope we can bolster horde momentum and make things alot more fun again, its just so damn quiet there!

<CRETINS> are looking for active players. Were a friendly brood looking to raid and PvP often! We will hold last man standing events for gold and prizes every month! We would also like to start another raid group (all classes needed) and more players who are just plain looking to tear up the ally through out Azeroth and much much more!!!! Deploy, annoy, and destroy with the CRETINS!!! PST Drahh (a level 1 mail toon)

Hope to hear from you Fizzcrankers!!!!
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85 Undead Death Knight
I'd be willing to come over though I'd have to do some work on my PVP set (posted on your other thread under my main-Sonnal). Who's all coming back with you?
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Will transfer back as well as still have Uniqueuponem as Horde, as well as a 85 Druid (feral) and Lock both Horde
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Hope we see Cretins soon!
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85 Tauren Warrior
I'm not leaving my guild, but I seriously miss PvP. If you guys do end up transferring here, count me in on your runs.
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