'Tank' you very much =D

85 Blood Elf Priest
Being a Horde doctor for some time now, I am often called into the ranks of healing our courageous wounded. Healing is not an easy job, but with experience and observation I have also come to realise tanking is not either.

As a successful healer I feel it is an obligation to thank all you tanks out there for your support and dedication in tanking.

As healers we know that:

1) Tanks are not bad simply because they could not hold aggro on a mob that was supposed to be killed by a DPS eons ago...

2) Tanks are not bad simply because they are feral druid form or DK

3) Tanks are not bad simply because you have low dps on recount addon (tiz not your job)

Thank you for putting up with the crap people throw at you. 'Noob tank', 'Death noob', 'can't aggro for %^&*', 'GTFO of group tank' or even 'OMG cloth armour...WTF'

I would like you to know healers like myself are always out there to support you no matter what others say, We are by your side and firm like a wall. Let us heal your wounds, make ur bones regrow, keep your blood fresh, and your spirit anew.

with sincerity

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90 Blood Elf Paladin
All I gotta say is thank god you swap out blood, those DK's really start to stink after a while if they don't get it changed out, think a car on the same oil for 100k miles, eww.

I agree with your sentiment in general except number one. A tank's job is to keep aggro, especially if DPS is low considering there is no excuse to lose aggro then.

Point two is kind of funny if people actually think that considering those are the two best tanks in DS (especially for HM's).

Point three is debatable. Yes, a tank is meant to keep aggro and not die first, and dps second, but if dps is so low that people are pulling aggro with the 500% threat buff because the tank's dps is so bad that's a problem.

But as we always say with healers who post appreciation threads, thanks very much and we appreciate the kind words.

"When you realize you are the last thing standing between your friends and death, you shall be like a wall for them, strong, unmoving, and determined"

-Kelras Sunwalker
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91 Blood Elf Paladin
Tank you! :B
I'll keep you alive if you keep me alive.
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86 Troll Druid
Lulz. <3

<<< Not specc'd interrupts, due to never needing it in raids.

= Irritated 5mans.

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