Farewell Staghelm

85 Human Warlock
Iban here a.k.a. Rizahwakeye, Electrolysis, Athgar, Grimjow, and Captinworgan

It is with a heavy heart that I do this, but I'm leaving server. For those of you who do not care, feel free to ignore this post now. This is nothing more than a heartfelt farewell to the community I have belonged to since WOW was first released.

I consider myself quite honored to have been on this server since WOW first went live. I've met so many amazing people during my time here, both alliance and horde side. My first guild was Path of Glory back when I was a lowly level 40 when reaching level 40 took about as long as it does now to go from 1-85 with heirlooms. Shortly thereafter, we merged with Moonlight Shadow where I met many of my online friends, some of whom are still around in various guilds or across other servers.

Looking back, my time in MS feels like a blur. Freshman, sophmore, and part of my Junior year year in college were all spent here. Some days it was just log in and do 5 mans, other days it was do 40 man raids (often with just 25 people) and other days I'd recieve a phonecall and rush back as soon as class was over to do world dragons. Occasionally I'd attempt PVP and get my !@# whooped by the Warlords group but it was all fun. MS was where I first met Elle, AJ, Elainia, Wizzle, Kaylora, Naishala, and many more (apologies to those i didnt mention, just soooo many names over the years). You were my family all the way Through SSC and TK. Then we parted ways and I left to join Attrition.

Once again I met many new people, but sadly it wasn't meant to last and after the guild fell apart, I found a new Home in Vanquish, Where I have remained to this day.

In Vanquish I met Hathin, Yourstrully, Mer, Frozenarms, Midnight, Desperada, Grullnor, Norg, Traks, and many many more. Vanquish has remained my family from Sunwell through current content and although many times over the years, I've had to leave wether for summer jobs, my field research on everything from Crayfish to Reptiles, or just real life issues they have always welcomed me back with open arms. Recently they moved off server and I elected to stay behind as I no longer raid and still have many friends here in the community but recently the server has felt more dead than ever and I think its my time to go.

Before I leave, I'd like to give a shoutout to the Staghelm Community. While I may have referenced my guilds up until now, the community is the real reason I lingered on for as long as I did. Its always felt like a family here. So here are some quick shoutouts (Most Sincere apologies for those names I miss. I've met thousands of you over the years. Please forgive me if we were close and I forgot your name from the list)

Naishala and Iron- Thank you two for always being such amazing friends. I loved that we could just get together, do dungeons and have little to no drama. You have been there for me for many years now. Congratulations on the little one and good luck.

AJ- You sir are a bastard, but one hell of a funny one. P.S. just because I am from WV does not mean I have sex with my cousins, farm animals, etc.

Forever Knights- Thank you for giving my alt druid a home. You guys were always a breath of fresh air to log in and talk with when I felt like getting away from raiding, drama, ect. Much love.

Mer- I miss giving you dark intent....and your sarcasm and bluntness

Friendship is Magic- Thanks to all the members I pestered, chatted, and just shot the $%^- with. You guys are awesome. Take care.

Rage- I know who you are sir. No other warrior has the Ony Mount here ;)

Bhu- gratz on your staff and thanks for having me on your runs. Always a pleasure.

Traks and EO- Thank you guys for hosting the DS runs as well as others and allowing me to tag along. I will try to continue attending them on my rogue.

To Everyone Else- It has been a true pleasure being a part of this community. Thank you all for showing me a good time, listening to me, having conversations, providing me with online distractions, and everything else that comes with this game. You have all played a part in helping me maintain my sanity through 2 undergraduate degrees and now part of my master's degree. Without you guys, who knows what I'd have done with my spare time. I will miss you all!

Farewell Staghelm. Good luck and best regards.
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100 Draenei Hunter
Farewell and good luck, sir. I don't play enough to warrant a server transfer these days, but we are pretty dead. I didn't exactly talk to any Vanquish folks after I left, but you were always a good guy. Have fun.
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peace dude
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Good luck to you in game and your master's degree. Hate to see another Staghelm lifer leave but can understand why you want to go.
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29 Human Paladin
farewell and good luck!! wish you the best in your future adventures both in-game and irl
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85 Night Elf Druid
Take Care Iban it was a fun run. The old MS days were a blast.

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90 Orc Warrior
can i haz your stuffs
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85 Human Paladin
Go forth and prosper.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Well at least with RiD it's not really buh byes :D We still do and will continue to pester you to have fun with us and go one runs with us. I seem to think you owe us a few old world raids :P Yes I know I am late replying that's cause I am not a forum troll like some people <.<
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