Want to see/finish the current tier of content on Heroic but don't have the time to invest in a raiding guild? Want to get some great heroic leveling gear for the Mists of Pandaria? We can help!

Storm is now selling Heroic kills, achievements, and select loot from Dragon Soul. You don't need to participate in our raids, you simply need to be in our raid group, and in the instance. Feel free to afk/die. If you choose to participate in the raid, you must understand the encounters and be competent enough not to wipe the raid. If you choose to participate and wipe the raid multiple times due to lack of preparation or intelligence, we reserve the right to keep your gold and remove you from the raid. I reserve the right to yell at you and belittle you for being terrible.

All payment is required up front for achievements. Payment for loot is required after your item drops but before you receive it (normal trade window transaction).

8/8 Heroic (Savior of Azeroth title) - $400k gold. May require 2 days. No loot or mount included. Price is non-negotiable.

Savior of Azeroth + Life-Binder's Handmaiden - 500k gold. Price is non-negotiable.

Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider - Meta achievement Reins of the Twilight Harbinger. Price negotiable based on what achievements you need, but generally will be $800k gold and up and will take 2-3 weeks. Must be willing to show up multiple days. No active participation on your part is required.

Most loot from the first 6 Heroic bosses is available for sale. Contact me for specific availability/pricing. Most loot from Spine/Madness is reserved, but feel free to inquire if you have sufficient gold to persuade me to make an exception.

If you have serious interest, contact me in game by whisper (do not send me whispers during our raids, they will be ignored) or send me an in-game mail. If you don't have the gold, please do not contact me. If you think our prices are unreasonable, I really don't care. Check other servers and see what other guilds are charging. You are paying 24 people for their time and effort learning the encounters, so we feel that our prices are fair.

Thanks for your interest!
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