Request for Free Character Migration Service

95 Troll Priest
First time posting on these forums in a very long time, but yes, this should totally happen.
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90 Human Paladin
I wish Dragonmaw was as it used to be.

I still have characters there, but there is absolutely nothing to do with anyone because of how dead it is.

Hopefully Blizzard sees this. Dragonmaw is an old server, and it would be great for it to rise again.
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82 Blood Elf Death Knight
To be quite honest, I have put trade chat on ignore the vulgarity that goes on in there isn't fit for adults let alone kids. If there is something of value being sold or sought you miss it in the massive spam. It is no wonder trade is down. I am not alone in this either several I have spoken to have put it on ignore. It is also no surprise people are seeking to migrate to different realms in hope of escaping the drama.
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100 Night Elf Druid
I dont even play anymore, But I agree with this. Part of my quitting was lack of ANYTHING. It was extremely hard to a group for anything pvp or pve related. And when you did, the quality was very poor.

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90 Troll Shaman

There has been many a day where I wanted to server transfer and have done so but miss playing with my friends on this server that arent on my real ID. I have spent many nights wishing there was more going on on the server so that I could do something fun because I dont raid regularly. I hope this thread is noted and I hope blizz listens to their customers and takes this opportunity to fill this server back to what it was before. I look forward to seeing some new faces and having new experiences with people in the future into MoP.
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90 Tauren Paladin
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99 Blood Elf Mage
Me and my friends bring this up atleast 3 times a week, please do this Blizzard.
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90 Human Rogue
Need more alliesssssss D=
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100 Dwarf Warlock
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90 Human Warlock
Wtb more people. v.v
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
They are probablyat the point where they should just merge several low pop servers together.

As much as I do agree with you this isn't the place for such a suggestion. This thread isn't to propose ways to blizzard but rather make use of methods blizzard already has, in this case the free character migration service.

I agree, they need to pick a couple or a few servers like Illidan, Arthas, and Mal'Ganis and give them free xfers to Dragonmaw. Dragonamw was basically a launch server, and is one of my favorites. I think if we could get another 1000 players for both sides things would be better. Our trade chat is a bunch of trolls, and pugs can barely kill HM Morchok and Ultrax.
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44 Human Rogue
+1 This server is slowly moving down into the Low Population. A lot of people I know are swapping to servers like Kil'Jaeden or Tichondrius (both my old servers). But I don't think it'll work considering there's servers with a lot less people on it than Dragonmaw.
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90 Orc Warrior
Signed. I miss 25 mans for sure, but what I really miss is world PvP and Friday Night Fights, sadly too many alliance have left to generate interest and FnF hasn't happened for almost a year, simply because there isn't enough people.

I want to be able to attack goldshire and someone come and challenge me, but that hasn't happened for years.

On another note:
RIP Staxx
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100 Goblin Priest
Yup, I went to kil'jaeden after my little wow hiatus. The grass was most defiantly greener. I would for sure come back if the population would increase.
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86 Orc Warrior
I started on Dragonmaw just before the release of Burning Crusade. I remember the days when Vulgar and TNT would compete for end game content and there would be no shortage of quality arena players. The realm has significantly decreased in population and I would love a GM to enable transfers to return Dmaw back to its old glory days. Definitely support this thread.
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90 Undead Warlock
so there is this new thing where realms with lower populations will end up having zones filled with players cross realm. i read a blue post recently that states that there aren't going to be any server mergers, and i'm betting that this cross realm zone thing is supposed to 'solve' the problem.

i don't see anything happening in regards to free character migrations, due to this cross realm zone thingy.

i am disappoint.
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88 Draenei Priest
+1 bump

I've been gone from wow for almost a year now, visiting on a 7 day free pass. The fact this thread hasn't been posted in, in almost a month, yet is still on the front page of the forums speaks volumes about our traffic.

WTB people. I'd like to come back and actually have people to play with.
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90 Human Paladin
i mean ya thats cool
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100 Human Paladin
Been in this server 7 years and ive seen people come and go, what i wouldnt give for this server to get revived =(
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