A bit overpriced artisan/full flight Cost....

90 Draenei Mage
Flight cost is relative... You just have to not be lazy.

I got my flight training so easily, it could have cost more and I'd still have gotten it...
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

but the tauren druids will most likely get them before him, even if he happens to be there right as it spawns

Fixed that for ya.

I kid, I kid.
The problem is, you're absolutely correct.

Those cursed Herb-burglars. I can just see the troll face as they swoop in, take the herb I was gathering, then swoop off to terrorize the herbalism industry. D:
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
05/08/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Oboron

...I wonder if this name is available...
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
05/08/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Rubedo

...I wonder if this name is available...
My Tauren Druid friend got flagged for a name change the day before we were leaving our old server, and swapped his name to that for the day.

He followed me all of that day, just laughing at my furious outcries when he would commence the herb-burglar'ing.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
10-20g per daily. Max of 25 per day that's 250-500g per day.
Soloing old raids: TK/SSC/Black Temple 250g per boss. Kara 4g per boss. AQ40/Gruul/Mag 50g per boss, AQ10 25g per boss, etc.
Leveling from 80-85. 5-7kg. If you aren't making atleast 5kg from questing to 85 you're doing it wrong. You can make even more gold if you finish off the loremaster.
Professions you can make a decent amount from gathering professions even if it's just a little bit from doing dailies or questing.
You can make some gold from archaeology, not much but it's there. A skilled fisherman can easily get 100g for a stack of certain fish. Neither method would be much fun but they've very mindless means of getting income.
Random dungeons, you get something like 80g from completing one. Plus potentially hundreds of gold from de'ed materials, cloth, and vender-able items.
Selling vender items, some items like recipes and pets can turn a profit by selling via AHs.
You can even make a fair amount of gold from buying wotlk epic gems with JP and cutting them. They commonly go for 100g+ for any good red cut.

And this is all easy gold. There's practically no risk involved in making gold via any of these methods. If you're losing money on a daily basis you're either wasteful or lazy, potentially both. There's really no reason to complain about a lack of gold. Thousands of gold is out there just waiting for you to take it, you just have to stop complaining about not having it and go get it.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
If you wanna have a decent stash of gold in this game there's a a fairly easy and not very time consuming way to do it. Get every zone # of quests achieve from Northrend on sell all the greens and blues, Northrend alone netted me 12k cata close to 20k.
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85 Gnome Warlock
You noobies make me sick. I remember people who had been level 60's for 6 months before they got their level 40 mount.

Edit: I feel I should explain myself. All you who have cried about the difficulty of this game (rofl) have turned it into a menu navigation simulator that dispenses epic gear. It used to be somewhat social. Now, you get very good gear by selecting a checkbox in a menu until you find a group that can carry you to success.

Nice 0/8H, you have no right to say this game isn't hard
And LFR epics, aren't real epics.

Are..are you serious?

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85 Orc Warrior
Cap valor every week.

Buy BoE boots or bracers.

Sell them.

Purchase epic flying.

Seriously, if you're going to complain about the prices of things, limit it to what people charge on the AH for easily farmable mats. Epic flying is an unnecessary luxury that costs less than what you can make in a day.

OP obviously did not play in BC when flying was introduced. We made FAR less cash, had next to nothing for dailies, and still had to pay the same price. Hell, it's even cheaper now than it was then.
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Gold rains from the sky if you're not too lazy to get your basket and catch it. Sitting around whining that you're broke earns you nothing but flames.
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62 Blood Elf Death Knight
You dont even need to quest or dungeon or even need a profession to make 5k in a day. At 85 there are a ton of farming spots (cloth etc) with easy enough mobs and fast respawn rates.

Would be even easier to farm said spots if you were blood.
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87 Human Death Knight
I'm sure someone else mentioned it, but dailies & a gathering profession will fill your pockets very quickly. Run lower level dungeons & vendor the trash, then put the gear on the AH. Gear for transmog can be marked up for more than it's worth and still sell & cloth almost always sells instantly for me. It doesn't seem like a lot in one or two trips, but it adds up quick. Make sure you do the dailies though! Easy gold & rep!
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90 Night Elf Rogue
to the OP:

get two professions - I suggest mining and herbing
both are flying so they compliment each other
fly around, pick up ore/herbs and sell on the ah

you need an addon called auctioneer - use it - scan the ah a couple times a day
you need the addon called auctionator to do your ah listings

herbing + alchemy is also a decent pair

enchanting costs $ to level up but is great if you want to chain run instances for loot to DE
if you like chain running lowbie instances as dps
selling enchants doesnt make all that $

if you get tailoring + enchanting there are items you can craft then DE for profit and tailors get more cloth drops to sell or use on the AH

so any way you cut it you need two professions and you need two addons (auctioneer and auctionator)
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85 Human Paladin
i like how most of you people seem to be overlooking the part where he put he is only wrath not cata ... @ 85 blah blah ... from 80-85 blah blah ... <- means jack and squat for a wrath account

herpa derp .. read it twice before you speak :-p

but as for the OP .. it was originally 10k .. so count yourself lucky

a good way to make money w/o cata access ... check your AH section under pets .. farm the appropriatly overpriced BoE pet ... win (even if you dont get the pet odds are youll find some non heirloom slot blues or BoE xmog epics aong the way )

also ... lvl 77-79 greens .. look em up on the AH .. youde be amazed what people will pay for some of them
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85 Human Paladin
You noobies make me sick. I remember people who had been level 60's for 6 months before they got their level 40 mount.

Edit: I feel I should explain myself. All you who have cried about the difficulty of this game (rofl) have turned it into a menu navigation simulator that dispenses epic gear. It used to be somewhat social. Now, you get very good gear by selecting a checkbox in a menu until you find a group that can carry you to success.

a rant about people being carried is funny from a 390 hunter who has never downed the first 5 bosses on normal >_> yet has the last 3 "easy" (in non heroic of course) fights
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90 Human Warlock
Quests and dailies POUR gold into your pockets, One instance run will put over 100g in your pockets they pay like 85 gold just to do one not counting loot. Clearing the quests in one area and getting the achievement will also put thousands of gold in your pockets. Just leveling one guy 83-85 the other day he made over 7k gold just from quest gold and selling loot not even using the AH just vendoring crap.

Are you playing 5 mins a day or something ? I think logging in you get 100 gold LOL playing a few hours will give you hundreds without even trying just playing the game.

I have 10 85's and all have max flying and all bought it themselves easy with the gold they made leveling with thousands left over.
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90 Night Elf Druid
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85 Dwarf Mage
I see the majority has been brainwashed into believeing that because something is its fine .

Flying costs are way over priced .
I agree with the op totally that they need to come down alot .

Free master flying has been given to all quote quitters , Why should we have to even pay for it anymore !

No it just means that you, the OP and like minded people are too lazy to grind for an optional service that is in no way required for you to play the game.
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