Came back to say hi.. to whats left.

90 Human Rogue
Edited because the original post didn't make much sense.

I just wanted to stop by and say hi. This was my first toon ever and I rolled/leveled it here. I was in Precision (tiny leveling guild), Cellblock 49 (leveling guild), Twilight Knights (super casual guild), and Crusaders (I still remember Llirik, Datorman and Woogster) before I transferred to Zangarmarsh to play with friends.

While I was here I hated almost every minute of leveling. It felt like around every corner there was another horde camping me. When one let up and left out of pitty, another would show up and make sure it wasn't easy to quest. It wasn't much fun back then but I appreciate every single person who camped me. I may have hated every one of you but I dont think I would still play this game if I was carebeared 1-60.

Anyways, I usually pop by and check these forums every now and then. I got used to seeing threads about the low pop and the +4:1 ratio of horde to ally. I didn't belive it until today when I rolled a toon here. I checked SW and there was only about 20 people total. Between walking to the empty training dummy area and over to the mage tower, I saw a total of 5 people (including the 1 in the auction house). Kinda sucks to see this server like this. Blizz really needs to merge servers with another low pop. If you have been around here since vanilla, big respect to you. Anyways, I don't want to gush or anything.. just wanted to say hi. Its pretty unlikely, but if you remember me, post and say hi. If you have been here since vanilla/bc post here too and tell me what guild you were in.
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I don't know how I missed this thread back in May. >.>

But hai. I was in crusaders for a little while on my rogue, Misscupcake. I don't know about Llirik, but Datorman and Woogster have both quit playing to my knowledge. Crusaders split apart and some of their members formed a new guild called Tunnel Vision and remained the top guild on alliance until they faction changed and then transferred to Ner'zhul (then faction changed again). They raided for some of cataclysm there and then ultimately quit until recently. They're supposedly "back" now on ner'zhul, but have started a new guild for whatever reason.
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