I've done ALOT of cleaning up in 3 of my alt banks & my actual guild's bank and I've been wanting to get rid of this crap for some time. The prices on the auction house (both alliance and horde) is rediculously expensive some days (I only have time on the weekends to spend a few contiunious hours posting/reposting on both horde & neutral auction houses).

As of now until all this crap is gone, I'm selling ANY leveling mat for ANY profession for 50% of the horde/alliance auction house price. I'll be willing to mail them over via neutral auction house in Stranglethorn, or trade them to you directly, or COD them to you. I do have an alt on alliance side and check prices frequently. Of course, more items = more of a discount.

Examples of mats I'm selling:
1-525 JC gems - Uncommon, Rare, Epics (Blue, Purple and Orange for now) Can also cut them into any gem you like on my Paladin.
1-525 Ore used for BS, JC and Engineering. Can prospect/smelt anything you like on my Paladin.
1-525 Inks for Inscription (including Blackfallow used for cata items/fortune cookies w. cooking) Can also make any glyph you like on my Priest.
1-525 Cooking materials (including cata fish/meat and the works) Can cook anything you like as well, since already cooked food is way more expensive then the raw food.
1-525 Enchanting materials (LOTS OF IT, including Hypnotic dust & greater celestials) Can enchant anything you like as well on my Priest.
Volatiles - Earth/Life at the moment, should be getting a crap ton of Air once I get home.
1-525 Herbs (for alchemy, inscription/milling) - Can also make any flasks/pots for you on my hunter (able to switch to pot/elixir/transmute mastery at any time). Currently potion master.
1-525 Cloth (for tailoring/bandages for them pvp'ers and what not) - LOTS of netherweave/mageweave/silk/linen/embersilk.. prob more but cannot look atm.

...And alot more. Remember, ANY item that I have currently for sale, I'm selling for 50% off YOUR faction auction house. You can pst me in game regarding stock/buying/trading, bug me in vent, or post here, and I'll get back to you in-game with your crap.

Happy Hunting! ^_^