Hello everyone! (I know this is long but it has all the information you would need in regards to our guild and what we are looking for recruitment wise! If you are wanting to know what we are currently recruiting right now, please scroll down.)

<Shady Shenanigans> is known for our late night raiding, 25man raids and the atmosphere we have within guild. We mainly want progression as a guild and we will do what is needed to do that. This guild is a newer guild on Gul'dan and has been around for over half a year now. We plan to stay strong in MoP and are looking for players that are ready to level fast and immediately get into raiding when the expansion is out.

----Our Teams----

Team Shady--
As of now, our 25man (A.K.A Team Shady) is basically taking a break until MoP, but with a mix of core raiders and back ups we have created two 10man teams (Now known as Team KYUJELLY and Team We'reSexy&WeKnowIt). The teams are still running at the 25mans normal times which is 12:00am - 2:30am CST Tuesday-Thursday (10pm-12:30am PST or 1am-3:30am EST).

Team DisneyLandPimpz--
Our main 10man (A.K.A. Team DisneyLandPimpz) is still raiding. This group is a newer 10man that started raiding together about two weeks ago and is planning to go into MoP full force. Raid times are 9:00pm-12:00am Monday-Thursday with occasional Friday or weekend raiding (7pm-10pm PST or 10pm-1am EST).

Team Alt!@#$%s--
Our alt 10man (A.K.A. Team Alt^-*!@s) does a run on Saturday nights. This is usually a first come first serve kind of group with raid composition still in mind. We do have some mains in this group as well Raid times are 12:00am -2:30am on Saturday only (10pm-12:30am PST or 1am -3:30am EST).

Team Refugees--
This was a 10man group that used to be in our guild. They had came into our guild basically already a group and now that things are stable they have left the guild to create their own guild <Tent City>. We're still good friends with them and some occasionally raid with us since they are basically taking a break until MoP. They will be formidable opponents when MoP comes out, so declare yourself warned!

----Goals for MoP----

  • We want to progress quickly and would like to obtain server firsts in the upcoming expansion. If you don't want to work for server firsts then the groups that we have already formed is not for you. If you want something more casual, come speak to Pnutbutter and I can tell you the possibilities within guild or point you in the direction to other guilds on this server.
  • -Another 10man group (maybe two)-
  • Eventually, we would like to create another 10man that will be raiding in the evenings, but just a little earlier than the groups we have going now. We have some members in the guild that can't raid at our times and would like to raid in the expansion. So to form a new group that will raid around 7:00pm-10:00pm CST Tues-Thurs would be better for them.
  • If we were to form another 10man group, it would be a weekend raiding group that runs around 8/9pm-12am CST Friday-Sunday. Our guild is known for raiding at more abnormal times because we have players that still have real lives and can't raid at the 'normal' raid times. We've been asked on multiple occasions if we could raid on the weekend, so in MoP it's a huge possibility we can get another group going.
  • -Realm Population-
  • We do most of our recruiting off realm. Although our guild is very active and we usually have people on in both the guild and chilling in vent, our realm is a low populated server which has been one of our biggest problems in convincing players to join us.

  • ----Currently Recruiting!----

    Team Shady--
    Tank - Possibly a DK tank
    Melee - Kitty Druid, Rogue, DK, enh. Shaman
    Range - Mage, Spriest, hunter
    Heals - Resto Druid, Holy/Disc Priest, Resto Shaman

    Team DisneyLandPimpz--
    Tank - Either a Warrior or Paladin Tank
    Melee - Full
    Range - Possibly a Mage
    Heals - Holy Pally

    New Group (will run 7-10pm)
    Raid Leader (must have extensive raid leading and guild leading background)
    Would need ALL.

    Anyone is welcome to the guild as a social!! Our guild is active and we always have members on. If you like that kind of atmosphere, this could be your new home

    If you are interested in joining contact me online or add me to real id or apply on our website.

    My real id: jlas0@yahoo.com.
    Please state in your request to add to real id why you are adding me!

    Website: shadyshenanigans.enjin.com
    We have all our rules on the website too. Apply on the website.

    Have a good day and MoP expansion.
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