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05/26/2012 08:07 PMPosted by Yubao
even with d3, horde side seemed rather dead....

You guys were on right before stuff blew up in trade.

Anyway, after reading your opinions about 10 man guilds and raids in trade chat, I really don't think you'd fit in on Uther. It's always been a casual server, more casual than most servers. People aren't that motivated to be the "best;" many just want to play WoW casually. We play the game to have fun, because it is a game. Top guilds don't sell "runs" to make a profit. Akai Soubi, the top guild on the server, have never really acted like elitist jerks to other guilds and players, even when they were running 25/40 man. They're cool dudes. They don't troll trade with useless arguments that larger sized raids are superior.

Most players on this server have no desire to raid 25 man raids. Many guilds just want to raid 10m together, as a close group of friends killing as much as they can in a raid lockout with no pressure. If you start spouting off that 25 man raids are superior to 10 man, most people will just simply not associate with your guild. If you want proof of this happening on Uther, just ask anyone in <Insomnia>. They know that feeling very well.

Uther is the oldest server in World of Warcraft. It was an alpha server. It has a rich history. It has been home to some of the best trolling acts I've ever witnessed on the Internet (I'm looking at you, Tinywill). I have been both Alliance and Horde on this server, for quite a few years (Not always as Yuba). I know what makes these people tick.

You probably wouldn't like it on this server. Your guild probably wouldn't last long here. You'd probably be happier on Baelgun or whatever server you choose.

Oh, and Uther Horde being "dead" tonight is really because of D3. My RealID friends list tells me so.

Nail on the head Yub. Very very accurate description of this sever. We should make this a sticky to our forums.
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Tinywill poked me on Facebook, I wasn't sure what to do...

Also good lookin' out on this Yuba
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Let me go find a stick...
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What makes me tick, Yuba?
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