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09/18/2012 12:23 AMPosted by Orren
Here ya go Lunasea

I had some hope after that statement but then Ghostcrawler tweeted yesterday he is against expanded AH access because he thinks it is wrong if you don't know who you are buying from and it will limit the chance for players to corner markets. Nice to know their intention I guess. Makes my decisions for MoP a lot easier.
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so apparently in mists of pandaria, zones with "a low population" will be shared/merged with other servers... this will account for pretty much every alliance zone and most of the leveling ones.

this could lead to more world pvp, as well as change what appeals so much about our little server..

excited? scared? indifferent?
They're not gonna make CRZ for the continent of Pandaria, at least for awhile.
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im not happy with this cross realm zone. infact i tell any friend of mine to go choose another mmo to play... i choose my realms based on population low or med so wouldnt it be considered false advertising if it says low only to find out its super crowded once you make your brand spankin new toon? New And low players are now having to tend with thier quest giving npc's being constantly slaughtered(more so than the norm b4 CRZ), campiing thier quests because soooo many are now on the same one..Longer leveling of mining and herbing because so many people farm those now. ive only played for almost 3 years now and not once have i complained about any change ... this one though i cant stop myself from hating it. i wish they would just get rid of it all together..however if there is any good please reply because i have yet to find the good in CRZ other than the obvious..being able to stand in front of and speak to someone from another realm which really doesnt make me wanna cheer and do a dance lol. battletag and real id was always the way to go for cross realm communication and dungoen grouping anyhow for me.. So blizz if you cant make it better, then make it go away please...and so far i have yet to see it getting any better...
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Mhm mhm... i hear you. While we're at it can you also address this new Dungeon Finder system and flying in the Old world too please?
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