<Reckless Endeavor> is a well established, level 25, adult (21+), raiding, and social guild. We have a little bit of everything from casual, social players to a core group of raiders who work hard at progression raiding. We have an awesome group of people who enjoy playing together. We appreciate a style of raiding that is positive and constructive; you will not hear nasty name calling in our vent.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances we are currently looking to fill a DPS spot in our progression raid. We would ideally like to find ranged DPS (rogue or enhance shammy could also be OK). We will consider those that show an interest in becoming a better player and an in depth understanding of their class (gear is easy to get and its OK if you aren't 100% familiar with all the heroic fights, we are glad to teach you). This raid is Weds and Thurs night starting at 9pm server. The group is currently at 4/8 heroic DS, but we have taken several weeks off and are excited to fill a few spots and finish out the instance, then on to Mist’s!

We are always happy to welcome non-raiding and social gamers, as well. We offer a weekly “fun” raid for those who do not enjoy progression raiding but still want to raid or for people to bring alts, and just have a good time.

Whisper myself (Laelanie), Calden or Challia, in game or ask someone in the guild to direct you to us. We would love to talk to you about what our guild has to offer and how you might fit in :)
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