Hey everyone! Based on the success of My Heroic ICC 25 run 5/10/2012 going forward for at least the next 2 weeks depending on shard drop %, be hosting a ICC 25 run, the day will vary pending on schedules.

This is a great opportunity to bring an alt that might want the King-slayer title, or for transmorg gear, or if you want to start the legendary quest yourself as the blood and infusions, are currently not on reserve. If we end up having the group for a heroic Lich King kill the mount will be open roll.

This is not an achievement run, however we ended up getting at least 6 scattered achievements for the Meta on the above mentioned date. That said, if there is interest on this server for the Meta i will extend my planned ICC 25 to a third week.

If you would like to be part of this run please send me an in-game email or post here.