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66 Blood Elf Death Knight
New forum game:
Present an award to the person above you!

And if you are overcome with emotions and the need to share them after you receive your award, feel free to edit in an acceptance speech.



The ISC award! *She gets all misty-eyed* I can't truly express how much this means to me. But I'm going to make a speech anyway.
First I'd like to thank Remnit, for aknowledging my ISC-ness, I'd like to thank Thelanor, for not taking part in the competition (because if there's anyone more ISC than me it's him), I'd like to thank everyone who's not as ISC as me and therefor didn't win this award.

I will continue to put forth my greatest efforts to put the ISC in self-dISCovery, mISCallany, promISCuity, and bISCuits.

*She blows a kiss and walks offstage*
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24 Tauren Paladin
I award Grimms with the Independant, Strong, Competent award! AKA the ISC! Because you are the ISCiest belf I know.




**Oh, gosh, I don't know what to say... I... well, it wasn't supposed to be interpretive but... well... at least it was the best something? /bow /bow /curtsy /exit stage left**
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20 Blood Elf Priest
Congratulations! You've won the award for outstanding excellence in Alliance Snubbing! *She hands over a shiny trophy shaped like an upturned nose*
Your have done such a fantastic job at it that you also won second and third places, and took all of the honorable mentions!


I will only accept it if I get to share it with you guys.
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AND... the award for "Best Attempt to Revive the Forums and Make Them Exciting and Fun Again, Even Though No One Else Seems to Want to Participate Because They Are Not Fun and Exciting" goes too....

Grimmsy! And all her many alts.
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90 Undead Rogue
And the award for Most Minds Blown due to Fineness... surpassing even Mickey himself .... goes to Fineprint!
*clapclap* *clap*
Hey Fineprint!
Come on up and claim your award!




Stage 7: Acceptance.
You know, I wouldn't accept this award from anyone else. Hold(1), I hate to love you, I love to hate you, and every time I see you I smile and scowl all at once. If it wasn't for you, Hold(2), and our witty (more or less) banter, well I just don't know who would take the brunt of my violent mood swings.
So a toast *She raises a flask* To all of our frenemous interactions, past and future! And to you!
*A loud bang is heard, and a sudden cloud of smoke fills the room. When the smoke clears, Stoni and the award are gone, along with various trinkets and valuables from among the remaining audience members*
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85 Orc Warrior
*The giant red curtain pulls itself back away from the stage to reveal Hold in a tux, his sword replaced by a microphone.*

It's showtime.

Survery says....! *He points his mcriophone to a giant spinning wheel with many names on it, which is just about to be spun by a small gnome wearing a "Teh BWRF Awards", written on a Sleeveless T-shirt*

How did you enjoy those commercial breaks folks? Did ya' like it?

*Most of the audience takes this time to get up and leave, the majority of them only having come for the promise of free booze and food*

You bunch of losers!!!! You're working with a professional here!!! *Kicks at the wheel, sending it wobbling and turning before eventually crushing the picking gnome. The name "Stoni" Firmly getting planed onto the names face* Nice !@#$ing model! And that, is why I won't do two shows a night anymore babe, I wont. *Hold's mumbled to a Succubus in skimpy clothing who was attending to the spin gnome*

...The Award to best frienemy a guy could have...Goes to Stoni! I couldn't think of a better person to have this award, I mean honestly! I both hate you and love you at the same time! You get the best of both worlds! So all you got to do to get it...Is say my name three times! Say it once! Say it twice! Third times the charm and this little devil can be yours! *He raised the award into the air, a small red goblin with a cape and pitchfork*
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