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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Guild type: Raiding (progression, non-casual)
Membership: Adults
Raids: Weekly (Tue-Wed-Thurs 8:30 to 11:00 server time)
Teams: 1 main team, forming team 2
Possibility to get 'sat': None if you are on team
Loot: MS > OS with some transparent loot council in MoP
Member musts: mature; Vent listen ability; emotionally-stable; able to demonstrate skill, learn, and follow direction

New!!! Currently in need of for Team 1:
Healer -- Pally/Druid
Ranged -- Lock/Mage/Boomkin

Good morning, afternoon, or what have you, folks. I'm the GM of We Punt Gnomes, a relatively new guild here on Medivh. We are currently looking for raiders to fill spots in our progression team (with spots available in Team 2 as well).

Before you say "oh it's just another noob guild, it will never go anywhere like all the rest", let me properly introduce the guild.

We came together in February of this year to start forming a raid team as a progression raiding guild. No, we are not one of those casual-raiding if-we-have-time deals. We started raiding with our trial team on February 29 but have had to replace several people. In raids, we concentrate on executing all game mechanics properly rather on leveraging gear to power through with mistakes. We are 8/8 in normal-mode DS at the moment and 1/8 heroic-mode. We stopped progression raiding and did numerous speed runs, usually 9-mans, to test out member alts and for fun. We are fair in loot, offer free gems and enchants when we can, provide flasks, and have Vent set up.

However, at the same time, we are in need of non-hardcore raiders and levelers to do non-raid content with. We are happy to help people run dungeons, do complex quests, or do old timey runs for various achievements and items.

If you would like to raid with us:
Our current 10 man main team is in need of a healer and ranged and of people to replace members who need a week off. We will run a second team after settling down in MoP. We are only interested in the best talent and by that I mean not people who say they have DS10 heroic experience on some alt, but people who play their characters extremely well and are able to learn fights quickly and progress through them. Why are we taking this approach rather than filling with experienced DS raiders? Because we plan on initiating raiding in MoP as soon as possible and without quick and competent learners, that will not happen.

The type of people we are looking for:
We are only interested in mature, honest players. We are a mostly adult guild but we will welcome members of any age. We will not take anyone with a negative reputation on the server nor are we looking for people's alts who seek gear. We do not take beggars, whiners, drama queens (including flirts), thieves, etc. If you have ninja-quit a guild before without due cause, if you have sold a guild with members in it, if you have stolen items during runs, etc. you will be removed if let in accidentally.

We currently raid Tue/Wed/Thurs 8:30 to 11:00pm server time. We raid every week. Second team would run on off-days to allow some flexibility for people to interchange if needed. Our team members never get 'sat'. If you have gotten an invite to raid, you will be raiding.

Will likely not raid together. We have had some bad luck with couples and no longer accept both parties on the same team.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Bump. Need casual fill-in raiders. This week we had to 9-man most of DS10 and although that went extremely well, that should not be happening.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Bump. Still in need of fill-in raiders (geared for hard-mode content please). Note: We do not poach from other guilds and will not accept anyone leaving an existing team without due cause/references.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
We are looking for a fill-in non-priest ranged capable of progressing through Heroic content casually now and potentially full-time in MoP. We are striving to push through Heroic content now, having formed our guild very late in the expansion. The type of person we need would have raiding experience on the Heroic level, bringing a transferable skill-set to new raid content.

We are looking for a mature individual who is not a guild jumper.
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98 Blood Elf Paladin
/bump for a bunch of cool folks!

Keep the horde going and alive!
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Still looking for people who are geared/experienced for heroics but want to raid on a part-time basis due to real life, etc.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
First post guild information updated.

We are currently in need of:
Pally healer on priority
Lock on priority
Mage/Boomkin with healing OS

Please respond here, send me an in-game mail, or visit our website at http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=446808&TabID=3824580
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