What are your PVP Key Binds?

90 Human Death Knight
I don't post much or at all for that matter but I figured it would be nice to throw up a thread where people not so knowledgeable about PVP can look and take that next step. I found it really easy to look at key binds when I first started out to help me determine what abilities were some what priority and what ones I can maybe do without. Not saying I know all about PVP or DK's for that matter but I do know the class pretty damn well since I have been playing it for 3 years non stop pretty much. So if you have a question I would be happy to answer it as best I can. I use a lot of macros and !@#$ too but im not going to post those cause that would take to long. Enjoy.

` Gargoyle, Use Trink, unholy frenzy

1 Chains of Ice / Shift 1 Target Arena 1 /cntl DG Arena1

2 Plague Strike / Shift 2 Target Arena 2 / cntl DG Arena2

3 Necrotic Strike/Scourge Strike / Shift 3 Target Arena 3 / cntl DG Arena3

4 Festering Strike /Cntl Pet passive

5 Death Strike

6 Presence Switch Macro

Q Outbreak / Shift Blood Boil /cntl CoI Arena1

W Transform Ghoul /Shift Dark Sim / cntl CoI Arena2

E Death Coil / Raise Ghoul / cntl CoI Arena3

R Empower Runic Weapon / Shift Sac Ghoul /Cntl Sac gargoyle

T Blood Tap

A Strafe L / Shift A Dark Sim Arena1

S Back / Shift S Dark Sim Arena2

D Strafe R / Shift D Dark Sim Arena3

Z SF Chains of Ice


C Ghoul Stun target (macrod so when pressed it turns off pet claw) / Shift C Stun Set Focus

V Ghoul Leap / Shift V Set Focus Leap

B Death and Decay

F HoW / Pet Claw on

G Lichborne / Self Heals

H Unholy frenzy friendly macro

Mouse button 1 Mind freeze /Shift Set Focus MF / cntl Death Coil Grounding totem

M2 Strangulate /Shift SF Strangulate / cntl Death Coil Pet macro

Mouse wheel down DG /Shift Everyman / cntl Action Bar 2 (i use this to switch when i may use Scourge Strike or Necrotic Strike. Everything else is the same except 3 when i switch pages)

Mouse wheel up Pet attack / Shift Focus Death grip /cntl Action Bar 1

Mouse wheel Button AMS / Shift Anti Magic Zone / cntl Pet huddle

F1 SF Arena 1

F2 SF Arena 2

F3 SF Arena 3

I think that's it. Hope it helps. Or maybe it'll make you worse!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I have way too many binds.

My left hand plays my DKs, my right hand plays my paladin. It's one big complicated mess.
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90 Human Death Knight
It was worth a shot.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
05/14/2012 07:41 AMPosted by Cmdia
It was worth a shot.

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85 Human Paladin
>Keybinds for holy pallys

I really only have one for a Rebuke/Crusader Strike , no need for keybinds when you got healing addons
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90 Undead Rogue
Mouse Wheel - Backstab

I just spin my mouse wheel.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Retribution Paladin Jovix Binding.

1 Hammer of justice arena1
2 hammer of justice arena2
3 hammer of justice arena3
4 hammer of justice arena4
5 hammer of justice arena5
6 hand of freedom party1
7 hand of freedom party2
8 hand of freedom party3
9 hand of freedom party4
10 hand of freedom party5
Shift1 hand of protection party1
Shift2 hand of protection party2
shift3 hand of protection party3
shift4 hand of protection party4
shift5 hand of protection party5
z cruader strike /cast start attack
x templar's verdict /cast start attack
c judgment /cast start attack
a cast flash of light
s cast holy light
d cast divine light
e insquistion
f1 target enemy player 1
f2 target enemy player 2
f3 target enemy player 3
f4 target enemy player 4
f5 target enemy player 5
` divine plea
h repentance arena1
j repentance arena2
k repentance arena3
l repentance arena4
; repentance arena5
wheel up/ set focus
wheel down/ rebuke
f6 hand of sacrifice party1
f7 hand of sacrifice party2
f8 hand of sacrifice party3
f9 hand of sacrifice party4
f10 hand of sacrifice party5
special button on mouse1 focus rebuke
special button on mouse 2 target of target
b guardian of ancient king
n divine protection
m divine shield
Shift x wing /use trinket
shift cap lock /use insignia of the horde
shift a blessing of might
shift s blessing of king
shift d seal of truth
shift g seal of justice

Mouse over for targeting pet or any object such as spirit link totem.
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85 Tauren Druid
Left side - Rip
Right side - instant cyclone
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90 Human Death Knight
Glad to see some people actually responding seriously haha. Whatever i just put this up to help others out who aren't so knowledgeable. Thanks for the response.
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85 Undead Warrior
Da Furladin binds

F1. Might
F2. Seal of Truth
F3. Set Focus
`. Inquisition
1. Judgement
2. Crusader strike
3. Templars Verdict
4. Rebuke
5. Exorcism
6. Bubble
7. LoH
Q. Holy Wrath
E. PvP Trinket
R. Flash of Light(Mouseover/self)
T. Hand of Sac(arena partner priority 1, ex the most trained target)
S. Seal of Justice
F. Cleanse(mouseover/self)
G. Hand of Protection(arena partner priority 2, ex the healer or caster)
H. Cancelaura Bubble/BoP
Z. Holy Light(mouseover/self)
X. Blessing Of Freedom(mouseover/self)
C. Divine Light(mouseover/self)
V. Hammer of Wrath
B. Taunt, to use on pets to break cc or get into combat.
Shift 2. Zealotry(exclusive)
Shift 3. Wings+DPS Trink
Shift 4. Focus Rebuke
Shift 5. Guardian
Shift E. Divine Protection
Shift R. WoG(self/mouseover)
Shift T. Hand of Sac(second Priority)
Shift A. Divine Plea
Shift S. Arcane Torrent
Shift D. WoG(first priority)
Shift F. Hand of Salvation(self, to blanket wings at times)
Shift G. Hand of Protection(second priority)
Shift X. Freedom(first priority, ie rogue)
Shift C. Turn Evil
Alt F. Cleanse(self)
Alt R. Flash of Light(self)
Alt C. Divine Light(self)
Alt Z. Holy Light(self)
N. Rez
Y. Drink/eat.
MW UP. Rep
Shift MW UP. Focus Rep
Shift MW DN. Focus HoJ

Yes, I use mouseover for most of the heals that I won't frequently have to use on friendlys, just my preference but it is not advised.

Edit: Forgot Mousewheel
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85 Night Elf Priest
Shadow and disc binds are here:

` DP/wings
1 binding heal/vamp touch
2 flash/mindspike
3 penance/mind flay
4 PW:S (both)
5 renew/fade
6 PS/Dispers
E Dispel/SW:P
R Cure Disease/ Plague
T Wand
S fade/shadow form
F Disc DMG macro/mind blast
X dispel focus
C divine hymn
G prayer of healing
shift-1 fear ward self
shift-2 fear ward target
shift-3 Hymn of hope
shift-4 Levitate
shift-5 mount
shift-6 drink
shift-Q secondary bind for life grip
shift-E G heal
shift-R heal/flash
Shift-f smite/dispel "X"
shift-X mind vision
shift-T shackle
shift-B set focus

The rest of these binds are on my naga

Num-1 Inner focus/Disarm
Num-2 PI/silence target
num-3 Barrier/silence focus
num-4 Life grip
num-5 Fear
num-6 Mana burn
num-7 MC
num-8 MD
num-9 fiend
num-0 Holy nova
num- - SW:D poly macro
num- = Mind sear

There are a bunch that i am forgetting....... i think!

crtl-5 holy fire
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90 Undead Priest
Why not, I'll bite. I prefer movement with QWE just personal preference.


1 flash heal
2 prayer of mending
3 Dispel magic (current target or mouseover target)
4 renew
5 binding heal
6 devouring plague
7 Mind control
A Penance (self)
D Penance
T Power Infusion
`Leap of Faith
S Inner Focus (stopcast macro)
Mouse Wheel Up Dispel Party 1
Mouse wheel Down Dispel Party 2
Mouse Button 3 Fear Ward
Mouse Button 4 Holy Nova
Mouse Button 5 Shadow word Death for damage
X Shadow Word Death Macro for CC Breaks ( deaths current target, if no current target or if target is friendly then focus target, if no target is set than the closest unfriendly)
C Mana Burn
R Power Word Shield
G Mass Dispel (Sticky Targeting Circle macro, eg if u spam this and hit it twice you keep the targetting circle rather than canceling it)
F Pyschic Scream
Z Mind Spike
V PVP trinket
Y Drink
Shift-E Pain suppression
Shift-S Holy Fire
Shift-d Mindblast
Shift-A Desperate prayer
Shift R Power Word Barrier
Shift-X Shadow Word Pain
Shift-Z Inner Fire/Inner Will Swap macro
Shift-V Mount
Shift-C Shackle Undead
Shift Mouse Button 3, Fear Ward Shadowfiend
Shift Razr Naga button 3 Mind sear
Shift Naga button 2, Hymn of Hope
Ctrl-c Shackle Ebon Gargoyle
Shift Mouse Wheel Up- Shadowfiend/Dispel Fiend if already summoned macro.

Focus Binds
F1-Focus arena1
F2 Focus arena2
F3 Focus arena 3
F4 Focus Current Target and or current mouseover (useful with Gladius)

RAZR Binds
1 Self dispel
2 Cure Disease
3 Target party 1
4 Target self
5 Will of the Forsaken
6 Target Party 2
7 Rez
9 Fort Buff
12 Shadow resistance buff

I tinker with these frequently, and once mop comes out I think I may begin to use more Shift + Naga binds.

Edit: I don't know if this may help other people, or if it will even get read (lol prolly won't) but since I would honestly really like to see people on coilfang improve their play in pvp, here's some rules that I live by in my keybinds, that have helped me to improve my bindings. For one, anything that is a "rotation" spell or used frequently must be easily accessible. To be specific, these spells are ones with little to no CD, so stuff like power word shield, charge, chimera shot, steady shot etc. These should go around your movement keys and good binds are often 1234 QEFG Etc. Mouse wheel and Mouse Button for some of these can also be good options. For there, expand further out to your bigger cds. You still want a comfortable binding for these, but they don't need to take up a primary bind space if their cooldown is something like 3-6 minutes. I like to use Shift binds for these spells as shift is very comfortable to me. Do not keybind anything to a key that requires you to pick up your right hand (assuming you're right handed) off your mouse to reach. Also, consider using and keybinding arena 123 macros for targetting and focus, once u get used to them they're very very helpful.
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90 Undead Mage
j = frostbolt
z = icelance

i c lick rest
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90 Troll Mage
Do yourselves a favor and buy a Naga.
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