We are Outcasts from US-Balnazzar, a central based server, we been a guild for 5 years. we are 3/8H in DS, we are looking for 2 dps (immidiate spots) to finish cata strong and be ready for MOP, leave a massege here or contact me via realid

Midnight: MON, TUE, WED 10.30pm - 1230 am PACIFIC
in need of 1 melee dps and 1 range dps (, moonkin, warlock)

we are very relaxed, friendly, helpful and fun bunch at the same we also like to progress further in raids and know how to be competitive,
In our off time we run old content, do odd achievements, arena/rated BG, and sometimes even play other games together :P.

What we want to see from YOU:
- Be knowledgeable about your class, and be willing to research and learn.
- You come to raids prepared, with full consumables, and fully researched
- Maturity. This includes willingness to bring issues to the table so that they can be addressed.

What you can expect from US:
- No discrimination of any kind.
- A tight-knit, family guild type atmosphere (not kid safe though :D bad jokes abound)
- A consistent raid slot if we find that you are a good fit with us. We are recruiting you to RAID, not to sit on the bench.
- Respect. We always listen if our members have problems with anything. Unlike most guilds out there, we work hard to address each individual's concerns.
- Consideration. We understand that RL things crop up, and we work around your needs.
- Dedication.
- Stability. We're low-drama and have an extremely low turnover rate

add me for further question about raid and guild rules and conduct (real id) :- jaguar222000@yahoo.com / jansenpowell@hotmail.com
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