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I have been writing a couple stories involving role playing and can easily turn into a WPvP event. If you like RP or WPvP, or both please come along! Also, if you are into writing RP, please post your events on this thread. Feel free to make sequels to my stories, or whole new stories. I will try my best to make sure your event has a good turn out. Happy hunting and FOR THE HORDE!
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Battle of Ashenvale (June 8th at 10 P.M. Server time)

Fog is settling in one morning at Hellscream's Watch. Tweedle rushes in to warn Captain Goggath of the nearby Alliance's operations. He learned during the scouting that Bhaldaran Ravenshade was working with Proffesor Xakxak Gyromite of Stardust Spire to create a weapon with the capability of firing many arrows at great distances. What Tweedle did not find out was that this weapon could hit Hellscream's Watch from the saftey of Stardust Spire. He also didn't know that the arrows being loaded into this machine were poisoned by Fahran Silentblade, a poison expert from Astrannar. Before anyone at the Watch could react, a rain of poisoned arrows covered the area. Broyk looked around, "Phew, no one got hurt". Just as these words were muttered, Captain Goggath colapsed. He was hit by a poisoned arrow. The poison effecting him more than the arrow, a wounded Goggath was carried to a nearby tent to be tended to. We mus protect the Watch and kill the ones responsible for this weapon. While we are protecting the very ill Captain, Kitanga will be working on a cure. She will need an herbalist to find 5 Kingsblood and one Life Root for the remedy. When you farm the ingrediants, sell them to her.

Win - If the raid protects Hellscream's Watch from Alliance attacks.
If the raid kills Bhaldaran Ravenshade, Proffessor Xakxak Gyromate, and Fahran Silentblade.
If the raid gets the ingrediants to Hitanga in a timely fashion before Captain Goggath dies.

Lose - If the raid wipes or lets Captain Goggath die.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
The Three Mages of Azuremyst (No time yet - See for updates)

An odd light shines over the seat of the Naaru. "They're up to no good", Thrall says. Everyone in the Exodar seems to be in some type of trance at the sight of this vivid light. Thrall will inform the raid that the three mages of Azuremyst Isl need killed before they summon the Pysigic Order. If they do this, the Horde will suffer greatly. With the power of this ancient Order, Arcane Nukes will destroy all major Horde Cities. Kill Valaatu and Semid quickly before the get to The Exodar to help Bati. Bati is the Archmage of this operation and she cannot be killed. If the raid kills her, the Pysigic Order will be summoned instantly. You must keep her hostage and keep her alive until the Order grows impatient and leaves. Only Thrall will know if their presence is gone.

Win - Kill both Valaatu and Semid
CC imprison Bati until the Order leaves

Lose - Raid wipes
Kill Bati to early
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Arcane nukes...
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