YAY dead server!

The departure of Dark Blood and Michief may not indicate a dead server, but it doesn't help the Horde side.
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90 Gnome Rogue
It's a dead game...not just a dead server. People will be back to check out MoP.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
What is this 25 % off on server transfers sell Blizzard is running this weekend, going to do to SC? I am now afraid the horde side will soon be totally decimated.
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100 Human Mage
07/20/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Ewing
What is this 25 % off on server transfers sell Blizzard is running this weekend, going to do to SC? I am now afraid the horde side will soon be totally decimated.

So you're predicting 10% of the Horde's pop will somehow jump ship to another server before the transfer sale ends? Though it's pretty devastated already.
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6 Orc Shaman
05/23/2012 01:28 AMPosted by Kathaus
Diablo 3 and the closing days of an expansion couldn't possibly have anything to do with this.

Yup, same thing happened at the end of wrath before Cata. Give it a bit for people to get bored of D3 and for Mist to be coming out and we'll see people coming back
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91 Human Warrior
I started playing this toon in 05 on SC and remember queues to get online but that is far in the past. PVE progression on this server has been slow for years and seems to be getting worse over time. You want to know the reason people are leaving? If you go to a server like the one I mostly play on now Kel'thuzad you will see pug raids all day long in trade. The other day I saw 3 separate heroic DS 25 pugs spamming but when im on SC all I see is anal [link] jokes.
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85 Draenei Shaman
I've been playing games online for longer than WoW has even existed. Even now I play other games besides WoW when I need a break.

With that said in all my years I see the same thing happen every single year. Summer comes and people start to go outside. *gasp* They think, well I will just, skate/fish/boat/wakeboard/other outdoor activity a bit and still hang with my guild in the evenings. Pretty soon they realize this sun thing is fun, especially in areas like where I live and it snows as early as September and stops as late as April.

It's inevitable that people start saying that the guild/server/game is dead because other dared to go outside while the weather is nice. People start leaving or at least threatening too. Guilds fall apart. Plans wind up on the cutting room floor. This happens every year.

Couple that with the fact that there is a live beta for this game, GW2 beta just ended, it's release will be soon, SWTOR is more popular than anyone is willing to admit, Diablo as mentioned just came out after a ten year wait and you have most of your player base drain accounted for.
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85 Troll Priest
i miss my friends
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90 Human Death Knight
With that being said, we do need to find a way to attract more players on the Scarlet Crusade server. The Transmog competition hosted by Arida/Astheria of Mischief helped out a great deal. It put a spotlight on our server temporarily, and in the long term I think we can benefit from it. The problem is, we need more events like that...any suggestions?

Well, I had the idea for a game of epic hide-and-go-seek; I found this place where no one would have found me, unless they did /who Aaronierro. That's when it dawned on me that it was a terrible idea.

Brainstorming, but no ideas as of yet.

07/27/2012 12:18 PMPosted by Sphïnx
SWTOR is more popular than anyone is willing to admit


It's going F2P...
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