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90 Pandaren Shaman
11/15/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Pébbles
i miss vanilla/tbc on bwl
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90 Tauren Druid
BWL peaked during BC and now that it's dead I still can't bring myself to leave...
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You people mistake the quality of the community and nostalgia with the quality of the game.
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90 Tauren Druid
Katz is Carrot Top's long lost sister.
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80 Undead Priest
Ahhhhh , the good ol days...
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90 Troll Monk
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90 Worgen Rogue
Crazy, I thought I'd pop over to the BWL forum and I knew I would see a thread like this about with a Loktari reference. Used to raid with Tinger in Fatal Union and the others but that was I guess post CC days at the end of BC beginning of LK. Good to see some of the some people still here, brings back some good memories.
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90 Undead Hunter
I pop by everyone once in awhile too. Pretty sad how much the realm forum has died.

Noticed BWL on the connected realm list. Hopefully it gives the realm some life.

<3 you old folks, it's been awhile.

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I remember raiding with this guys back in the day, BC and Wotlk.

Good times, might xfer back, become a Shark in a Fish Bowl...
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85 Orc Shaman
I remember the one tank had a mod where if you asked how much hp do you have? it would auto answer you lmao. there were multiple questions you could ask the mod about his character and it would reply
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
someone needs to raid on horde side makes me sad that bwl isn't like it was in bc
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93 Undead Rogue
10/29/2012 05:48 PMPosted by Loktari
Crowd Control, they were a pretty noob guild.

I remember this noobie noob pre BC, looks like hes still yelling at raids.
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90 Orc Rogue
noxious in the house?
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All the cool kids were in Reroll.
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
top kek
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100 Orc Shaman
props to bleach for holding up the alliance. and i used to raid with this is how we reroll.
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