Explain this to me....please....

90 Orc Hunter


Haven't seen this hack yet.....thanks to Amunastus #1 Priest Maelstorm, hallowed be his name and peace be unto him.

But seriously, win trading BGs?
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85 Gnome Mage
Got my curiosity peaked.
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89 Human Rogue
I saw a thread on AJ a few months ago where people were doing this. Some dude would multibox a ton of accounts and had a full roster of 2500+ characters in full blues
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85 Gnome Mage
As Hate mentioned, I'm sure if you were multi-boxing 20 accounts, it'd be a cinch to write a botting program to keep trading wins. So you wouldn't even necessarily need to man your computer. You could just bot your 20 accounts to 4K rating in a day or so.

Blizzard could implement an easy solution to stop this. They could tweak the queue program to make it so that you can't get matched against the same team more than some certain number of times in a given time period.

Or they could even make it so that rating gets won or lost on a "one for one basis" starting at 2100 CR. That way trading wins would not allow exploiters to break the 2200 mark.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
or they could simply give a fvck about pvp.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
9,900 kills... what a pro. Kills when it counts.
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90 Blood Elf Priest

This is the funniest part, to me. That guild of barely-played 85s hold both the R1 and R2 rbg slots. In Europe.

The shaman has barely 30 games played total, and an ~80% record. The hunter is 60 points higher, with a fair number more losses (presumably they had him lose to boost the rating of other toons). There is over a 200 rating difference from the r2 and r3 slots.

It's just another easily exploitable system, that leads to unintentional hilarity. Given the typical Russian penchant for cheating to ridiculous levels in online gaming (and the makeup of that bracket, rife with other blue-geared and green-geared characters) it will be interesting to see if they do anything to address the problem, of if they'll just ignore it like usual. My money is on the latter.
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