The Guardians of Forever is a level 25 Alliance guild, begun by a bunch of friends who are Star Trek fans. We concentrate on 5 player heroics, LFR, and have done a little Dragon Soul (currently scheduling a DS run every W/T at 8 server). Our guild has a generous daily repair allowance. We are 'family friendly', meaning that we have guild members and observers who are teenagers or younger, so our guild chat and ventrilo are rated G. We have forums at, and of course, the usual tabard, all bank slots, and so on.

New players are welcome, and you may bring any number of alts into the guild. Promotion through guild ranks is determined by activity, and can happen as often as every two weeks. In order to be promoted to the top ranks, you must have an authenticator.

Guild members are given gold rewards for leveling achievements, and also sometimes we give payouts to participants in guild achievement runs.

Whisper any level 80 toon for a guild invite!
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