Transfer Zuluhed is Dead!

85 Gnome Priest
So we have a total of what 500 alliance and 700 horde on this server and from 6am-3pm the server has a total of 30-70 alliance (idk about horde) and from there on there is about 100 alliance on (again idk about horde) so does blizzard think its time to give us a realm transfer off Zuluhed because its really bad.

Here are some Pros and Cons for Blizzard to look at
-Low pop realm dont need to worry about drama. (Besides Sharkfart)
-Everyone knows everyone
-Easy to get rare spawns

-Auction House really sucks either high prices or not enough of anything on it.
-Guilds don't help new players or people to join their guild because their raids are too important when its a PvP server 90% of the guilds are PvE
-Can't start a guild because everyone has a guild and population is so low you literally need to have people create level 1's to even get guild signatures.
-Sharkfart (troll that I dont know how she hasnt got banned yet)
-You have to wait the full 15 mins in TB to win it because no horde are ever on. (just got out of one at 9:00am)
-Boring that no one does anything rarely see anyone doing old BT runs or Sunwell etc.
- NO RBG groups at all on this realm if so there might be 1 or 2 and they have been running together since RBG begun.
-More Raiders than PvPers
-More people get reported for spam asking for help then actually receiving it

-And much much more im sure people on Zuluhed can come up with....

So blizzard please what are you going to do about realms like this and even with Zuluhed because I know I can't just make a good 350 dollars to transfer all my characters to another realm.
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I agree, the major problem is no RBG groups. I have tried to create some, but tbh everyone fails on this realm
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Oh and trade chat is dead ):
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85 Goblin Rogue
I played on Cho'gall Alliance when there was all of 10 Alliance. This is nothing.
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85 Draenei Warrior
I think this is a good idea blizzard needs to down size on some realms to have more player contact there is way more low-medium populated realms than high or full and those that are are full of jerks
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Seriously this has just been noticed. I agree with you
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90 Night Elf Rogue
I agree. This realm sucks.
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This truly makes sense I would really love to see transfering off this realm its good because of everyone knows everyone but other than that we can't do anything
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90 Human Mage
This sever is dead and boring.
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11 Human Paladin
My main is on that server and i went to KT and not even KT is worth the transfer you have to be 1800 to even get into RBGs and about 1550 for arenas on Zuluhed no one can even get past 1200 if they do its pure luck no real skill is on this realm
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85 Worgen Druid
I was at that realm and it sucked. I went to kt.
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85 Human Paladin
This realm does no good for the AH they need to do something with it!
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85 Dwarf Shaman
I am a new 85 on this realm. I can't even buy viscous. 1st reason the few pieces are 700g a piece and there are like 3pieces.
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85 Human Rogue
Yeah i know I just wish i didnt have bills to pay and stuff i would transfer but i cant afford it really does suck and i cant play on another realm because i have in my head about 8 85s on Zuluhed so i go back to play on my 85s that can own.
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81 Night Elf Hunter
I'm only level 81 and i cant even do random dungeons because my gear is bad so i go to the auction house and there is no gear for me to upgrade i do quests and with the broken quest system that gives me healing gear for mail plate and cloth not agil and stam for my class i cant even go i know you put the gear in the bags and your Ilvl goes up but also i dont play like that i want it equipped to make me better
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Im here again. I just wanted to say that the rbg i am fully geared 3 seasons in a row and i have done like 3 rbgs.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Im a 85 druid that is Moonkin and i decided i want to go feral but i cant because there is no vicious 377 gear on the AH also ques take longer now idk why they use to be under 1 min now they are 5-7 mins i know its cross realm but still. Also can't get into a guild because they wont accept me because i have season 9 vicious and season 10 ruthless that is moonkin.
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81 Human Priest
I think blizzard should close this sever now because there have been so many posts.
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85 Gnome Priest
Soldin that is true im also a new 85 i got geared from a few friends that rand BGs with me to make it somewhat fun. But i have been pretty much spamming trade chat to get into a RBGs and no one is doing anything
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So basically what im gathering here is that the majority of alliance are annoyed because there's no RBG's, so make one, there's plenty of you in here so just make one, the few others are upset because there's not enough 377 gear? well collect the mats and get someone to make them, or purchase them on horde and transfer them with a friend through the neutral AH, i don't think ive seen a pvp piece for more than 250g depending on which one. Nothing is going to improve the server if the majority are just going to be lazy and complain actually do something about it
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