Option 1. Buy: I would like to buy a lvl 2+ guild to that I can transfer my guild bank stuff to change servers. Not interested in how many tabs or mats. (You can keep your contents if you like.)

Option2. Sell the guild bank w/ all of its mats & 5 tabs. There are mats for all professions as well as some lvl 70 epic gear and enchants. Ideal for ppl bringing up alts or some who likes to "play the market".

Otion 3. Trade a guild: Obvioulsy, just a swap. I keep my mats, you keep yours and I pay a little extra for the lvl 2, assuming that there are 5 tabs; if less bank tabs, I would need to negotiate.

alex@epowerit.com; if I'm not on, send me email in or out of game. (I'm playing the beta mostly.)