For those who weren't there (ie everyone other than Tamtam) here's the background first. This evening I saw a truly fearless priest fishing on a rock in Orgrimmar out of the range of the guards. Well, I knew I'd get rolled over pretty fast as he was 85 and probably in pvp gear if he was in org. Now I'm still 81 so what do I do? Use my handy engineering wrist rockets on him (love the range on those things, everything else out of range), standing right next to a guard. The guard aggros straight to him, and I guess he doesn't see me for a minute because he's pretty taken up by the guard hammering down on him. Then, once he makes a dent in the guard's health, who is still hitting him pretty hard, I go in with charge, and use my combination of pummel / heroic throw (w/ gag order talent), spell reflect, concussion blow, and intercept to keep him from casting while the guard bashed his head in. He nearly killed me with the DOT he layed on me, I had to last stand shield wall and start eating just to keep from dying after he did!

Tamtam you've got some brass balls! I like your choice of fishing spot. You almost got me post-mortem hahaha. I look forward to PVPing with you some more once I'm 85 and don't have to drag a guard into it just to take you down, hehehe.