Horde Herald of the Titans

85 Undead Warlock
Going to start getting a group together for a horde Herald of the Titans. Yes it's still in game, I know this for a fact. There's a bit of interest for it. I will either tank it on my dk or my warrior and I've done it before, it's a really fun fight and a cool title.

Honestly....gearing for it isn't going to be bad. I now know that all we had before was overkill. however, gem and enchant what you do manage to get. You can use any 232 OH/wep, the rest can be 226. Cata flasks and food work as well, so it really is a breeze.

Post here if you are interested and serious. Please don't waste our time by ditching out on it, really need 10 serious people.

Meowzerz/Kittehperreh (both on Mal'Ganis horde)


Ellipsis (Warlock)
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90 Troll Druid

Can't wait <3
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I'm pretty sure that title is no longer in the game, good day, sir!
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80 Tauren Druid
I have myself (Resto Druid) and 2 friends (Warlock/Hunter) who would be interested in coming and should have the gear reasonably soon (within a few days)

James.is.me@hotmail.com if you're interested
05/24/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Agron
I'm pretty sure that title is no longer in the game, good day, sir!

It is still in the game, only obtainable on a level 80 with 226 armour and 232 weap(s) max.
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85 Night Elf Druid
He's trolling lol. He got it with me a couple months ago. Yeah I'll get back to you soon on that, just have to ask a couple others their definite answer.
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88 Goblin Shaman
go ahead and change me to heals plx
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80 Tauren Warrior
I'll whisper you in game, keep a dps spot open!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
hmm.. maybe i'll lvl my baby priest.
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53 Orc Rogue
Hey whats that website with the BiS and all that jazz for this chieve?
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80 Tauren Druid
I'm interested in being dps or heals for your herald run. I will try to leave WoW while in my gear so you can look it over. I still need a few tier pieces but I think I should be able to heal well enough with the gear that I have. As for dps, my gear isn't optimal, but I pull 6-7k dps on dummies self buffed so I think that's not bad. I know i'm missing gems and enchants, but I can do that very quickly. Just let me know if my gear is ok.

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85 Tauren Druid
Wait wait you mean I'll have to level another horde toon? :P haven't even finished the alli priest yet...........
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90 Tauren Warrior
Get moving scrub. I've already got a 3 set!
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
amg Take me!
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
I gotta 2 set what what what?

Filorx: Sorry for the very late reply, I needed to find out who was going that I knew first. I unfortunately won't have room for 3 people, unless for some reason we end up doing two runs.
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80 Tauren Paladin
Bump for them fixing the faction change reseting raid locks thing....CURSE YOU BLIZZ (jk you know ily)
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
Seems we may do 2 weeks worth afterall.
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90 Orc Mage
i have a disc priest alt that i would like to come on, i can also be shadow if needed. character name is cokrats on mal'ganis, i also have a bear tank that i would like to bring angrybirds from the alexstrasza server.
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90 Orc Mage
the bear tank is a friend of mine that im going for herald with. i should have specified that, so mark down angrybirds as a tank or dps
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
K, got it. With 4 tanks, I'll sit one out. It'll still be a couple weeks cause a bunch are still in the 70's, so in the meantime, we can do ToC10's for weps and Ulduar for more gear. I don't mind doing multiple Ulduar's a week to split gear evenly and make it faster running folks on 85s.

*Don't forget VoA for tier...but it's not x server.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'd be interested in doing this if you guys have a spot open for dps.
Almost have my set complete for it, and I know the fight well.

hit me up, dubdude007@aol.com
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