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So my friend is playing on this server and i wanted to join her but i want to know a few things first. I know i am writing this on a horde character but she is ally so i will be asking for alliance. First, how is the PVE here? Are there groups going on a lot or is it hard to find raids?
Second, how is the economy? Is the auction house decent? the server i am currently on (this is the same for both ally and horde here) the auction house is DEAD, and by this i mean it is hard to make money because no one is buying ANYTHING and it is hard to buy because no one bothers to post because of the first issue.
Third, how is the PVP? I mean this for BGS (since it is a normal server), are the bgs evenly matched or is one faction stronger than the other? Again i know its a normal server but i do love my pvp so i want to be able to play with my friend but i cannot live without my pvp!
Finally, how are the people here? I know every server has its trolls but are there helpful people as well or are there more trolls than there are helpful people?
All in all i will probably make a new character on this server just to play with her but i need a server change for my mains as well so i figured i would look deeper to check it out, Thank you in advance and please remember to be polite!
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First, there are tons of pve guilds, that also pug some people. =)
Second the AH is better on alliance then it is on horde.

Will post more when Im done raiding org.
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Like Benguin said, there's a lot of pve guilds and I see DS pugs forming in trade often.

Gilneas doesn't have too many trolls. I mean, I doubt there's a server out there that's completely troll free--and if they did exist, they probably wouldn't tell anyone, to avoid getting trolls--but we're not bad at all. I've met plenty of helpful people here.

The auction house generally has a lot of stuff, but to be honest, the low level greens are almost always ridiculously expensive. Mats for things aren't bad, though. Like mageweave 2-4g a stack. I've seen some servers where it's 30g a stack. End game mats aren't bad either and there's generally plenty of them.

I don't PvP often, but I do TB from time to time and Horde side of Gilneas isn't nearly as active as Alliance, so there are times when you get in TB and there's literally no one to fight. It's a long 15 minutes for those fights.

Anyway, hope I helped :)
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It's just like any other medium pop server.
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