Warning about Tylas and Clutchfull

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During an OS3D they advertised it as an open roll for the drake. If anyone whispered they would say, Yes, open roll on drake. They even said it in raid chat.

Upon getting there all the trash was pulled at once, sometime during trash probably right before or right after they changed loot rules to Master Looter.

Once the boss was defeated we were told ROLL FOR <link to twilight mount> all rolled and I rolled a 94 the highest in the group, I got some congrats then suddenly people started leaving the group. Then I got kicked, then we all realized that Clutchfull and Tylas were kicking everyone from the raid.

They kicked everyone and took all the loot.

Myself along with 3 others reported them to GM's. And shortly after we were told that the issue would be looked into and if they indeed said that then action would be taken. It was then discovered by someone else who reported them that the mount was taken away from them.

They were both in a guild called <Blue Cheese> I told their guild leader in a 2 page long in game mail message what happened and spoke with him in whispers. I have screenshots of them telling us to roll then kicking everyone after.

Tdaddy the leader of <Blue Cheese> informed me he didn't want that type of player attached with his guild, he gkicked them both from <Blue Cheese>.

If you come across either of these players please know that they are untrusted raiders and loot thieves.


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It's not nice to call people out on the forums.
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normally im not in favor of calling people out on the forums but this is the perfect time to call some one out. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and i really do hope thoes 2 get black listed from V co.
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5 Blood Elf Mage
I agree! Perfectly fine to shed light on this sort of behavior. The fact that the original poster put the names of alllll of their toons at the bottom of their post is even better and a classy thing to do. So incredibly ridiculous they played everyone like that too. It is a good thing Tdaddy gkicked them as well because having trolls in ones guild that is always recruiting for experienced raiders would not be a good thing. Sorry you didn't get your drake and thrilled they did not get theirs.
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guild that is always recruiting for experienced raiders.

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Tylas is a jerk I go to high school with him and he slept with my mom and I told blizzard to ban him and they say they can't due to fact it's a real life issue. Now tell me that this isn't bull!@#$.
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really?!?!?!?! well tylas and clutchfull both screwed my mom and i also know them in rl they are jerks!
Edited by Guulhant on 7/31/2012 9:25 PM PDT
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We should start a club and screw their moms back.
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ok guulhant you look like shrek with a bowl cut and blake your *#%# is only 8 inches
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ok thats enough blake you smell like hotdog water
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