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Hey guys, I am looking for a new guild.

I'm looking for something with mature players, a LACK of f*g and ret*rd trash talk will be a big deciding factor. I'm interested in new raids, old world raids, old world achievements, and dungeon running. I am partially LFR geared, and have done a little raiding in the past (some BC raids and some Wrath raids, a few Wrath hard modes until real life intervened). I was gone for a year, so my old guild booted me and at this point I couldn't remember what the guild name was anyway.

I also have an equally geared resto druid to bring with me.

I find it frustrating to log in and even with 20 people online, no one is talking, no one wants to run anything, no one ever schedules old world raids. A person here or there, or myself, may ask in g-chat, but it's followed by silence. I definitely don't need to be carried, I have been fending for myself in game since i started, but I greatly miss the camaraderie I experienced when I first joined 4 years ago and had friends to run with and quest with constantly.

I'm lonely in this big, awesome, lively world, so anyone alliance side with an active guild that enjoys grouping for dungeons, and running old raids for fun/t-mog/profit, with perhaps a chance at current raids, please let me know. A reply here or a message in game is welcome.
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Hey Shatter, if you are still looking for a guild, Scorched Norrath is looking for members interested in those sort of things (old achievements, raids, rep grinds). If you want any more information, feel free to message me here or in-game.

Recruiting Officer of Scorched Norrath,
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Exertus is a friendly & close-knit community who are recruiting! If you are looking for a change of pace and or scenery, we would love to have you visit us! We host older content from level 60 clear up to level 80 and are capping at level 80. This is for those who simply did not get to experience that content or who wish to experience it all over again for any other reason. We are casual, and alt friendly!

As an added bonus, we host guild repairs and weekly guild events!

Please visit Cairne on Alliance and type in /who Exertus and contact Reemie or myself, Janaie -or- feel free to email us at exertusofcairne@gmail.com -or- visit us on the web at http://exertus.guildlaunch.com/
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