LF Casual Lore Interested Raiding Guild

70 Undead Warlock
So, obviously I haven't been playing for that long on this toon. I did have an alternative account with a an 80+ Gnome Mage, so I'm not entirely foreign to the game, or raiding for that matter. I've also been playing MMO's for years and as such, I've the general lingo down. So, why am I not a member of a guild? It's easy to join a guild, as the average player gets 348503485 guild invites a day but it really means something to join a guild that fits your play style.

Sort of like having sex...if you think about it.

I'm definitely not interested in joining a super srs guild that demands raiding times be adhered to no matter what, nor am I looking to join a guild that takes things far less serious than need be. I guess I belong in the grey zone, if that makes any sense. Also, I know I'm probably in the minority that actually enjoys the stories for games overall, MMO's included. So yeah, I'm a quest reader and am very much interested in the lore. I've never been a member of a guild for -any- MMO that has really enjoyed discussing the story, so that would be really interesting.

I'm on the Khaz Modan (spelling?) server with this toon, but am willing to roll a new toon for another server if need be. My schedule is pretty wide open right now but I believe I'll be getting a job soon, which will almost definitely cut my days in half. At any rate, I hope I get some proper requests that meet my criteria. Games are about fun and if I'm promised the casual experience by a poster and am treated like a scrub during a raid or even a conversation, then I won't hesitate to leave. It's pretty easy to monitor your people and ensure elitists don't join, it's not like you have to have the biggest guild on the server, after all.

Anyway, I'm done rambling. Hopefully nobody takes this as condescending, I'm just really selective about joining guilds. I mean, obviously the intention is to play with them for quite some time, so I'd like the overall experience to be fun.
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