LFG barricades.....

85 Human Warrior
Please put them back up. English is the onlylanguage i speak, and at the risk of sounding like a %*%* *puts halo on* Im really sick of not being able to understand 75% of the groups i que into due to them speaking spanish the entire time. Maybe if we get enough people to publicly agree they'll fix it and i can go back to enjoyig my groups.
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85 Human Hunter
Don't forget that not all of them are Spanish; there are Portuguese-speaking servers (Brazil, etc.) as well. While similar on average, it can also be rather different.
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37 Troll Shaman
If not a block, at least an option for the languages you know. I can speak and read some Spanish, enough to get by in a group, but no Portuguese. My worries in these groups is a misunderstanding, or not understanding what they're saying at all, resulting in a wipe.

On the plus side, thanks to the Spanish speaking groups, I am starting to remember what I learned in Spanish class ages ago, and my ability with the language has improved (a tiny bit).
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85 Human Warrior
My education wasn't all that great gorwing up so whether it be portugese or whatever variant of spanish it looks the same to me tho i have been in a few purely french groups before tho its not as common. either way language barrier makes a huge impact on enjoyment of the game
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90 Human Warrior
One of the biggest tool in World of Warcraft is communication, but however, since the Looking For [Insert Feature] system is based around battlegroups, it included all servers without discriminations... it may end up in a painful, unavoidable wipe because of the unability to coordinate (language obliges), since some are heavily populated with non-English speakers.

A good example is the Nemesis server, who happens to be in the same battlegroup than us, which is mostly populated with Brazilian natives (They speak Portuguese). I often get them when I queue up for dungeons, or at least one of them.

I tend to get a bit worried when I end up in a group like this... And pray they know what they are doing.
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85 Troll Druid
Gonna have to agree here, I hate getting in a dungeon and realizing I'm incapable of communicating with the group. I don't ask them to speak English so I can understand, that would be as absurd as them asking me to speak Spanish or wtfe language. Generally speaking, when I get in a dungeon I check servers like other people check gear. If the team is predominantly from Spanish servers, I'll ask how many people in the group speak English as their primary language. If most of the team speaks English, I'll kick the odd man out. If I don't get at least two replies, I'll drop group and let them find a Spanish tank while I queue for a different team, or go farm/pvp while the debuff wears off. I don't consider myself to be xenophobic, I just don't give a **** about a team I can't communicate with. Communication is key to success in wow, and dropping the language barrier so that a smaller group of servers have faster queue times just seems counter-productive.
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