Herioc DS + World PvP = SHENANIGANS

85 Night Elf Druid
Hello my name is Xkill, currently a proud member of SHENANIGANS. I am the Raid Leader of the guild and currently searching for more members for a Friday and Saturday night raid. The hours will be from 9-12 and feasts and enchants will be provided. Our first raid will be this friday (as long as we get enough members) in which we hope to go 1/8 herioc. If our group seems to be moving faster, then we can try ultraxion and possibly even yorsahj.

As PvP goes I run world PvP which goes on generally once every two days. My gear might be PvE but im starting to gather my feral gear. PvP is not new to us as our Guild Master is a multi Gladiator and one of the best FCs in the game.

If you want a guild in which you are proud to be in then come join SHENANIGANS. Whether you be a Dragon Slayer or a Horde Slayer come join us!

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. (Winston Churchill)
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85 Human Warrior
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100 Human Priest
I'm diggin this.
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87 Gnome Warrior
I am looking for an active raid spot if you need FURY DPS or a Prot warrior. Geared as both and enjoy both
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85 Human Paladin
Come join us where you'll find the perfect balance of pve and pvp!
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85 Human Paladin
We are still looking for more! Need healers and subs
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Looking to Pug your raids if you need ranged dps. Cheers
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85 Human Paladin
I'm sorry but if you want to raid with us you must be in the guild we need a holy paladin. Pst me in game or respond in the forum.
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85 Human Rogue
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100 Dwarf Shaman
Very cool that you are bringing so much activity/life to the server, I think everyone appreciates it (big props). I've already got a couple raids going and am enjoying Diablo3 right now so not really looking for another, but if you end up short tonight and I am on I could sub in for you on my holy pally (or mage if you need a RDPS, sounded like you need a healer though) until you get a perm healer who can commit to you.

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I am currently set in the guild that i am in. I will be happy to assist in World pvp whenever available. please feel free to add my character to friends. connortreeves@gmail.com Real Id if you feel so.

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90 Goblin Priest
bump for positive stuff going on in Rivendare.
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