I figure as long as I'm having this problem, I might as well see if I can help anyone else.

I'm on my last NPC for [Have... Have We Met?], the Firelands Daily Achievment.
I need Hemet Nesingwary.

If anyone is willing to check their Firelands Dailies for him until he shows up, please notify via either ingame whisper or mail and I'm sure I'll notice at some point in the day. Should I not be online, mention a time in the mail when you'd next be online and I'll attempt to make it then.

While I'm hunting Hemet, I figure all of these other NPCs are going to waste, so if you have one or two particularly elusive buggers, leave a comment in the thread and I'll keep an eye out for you.

Being as there's that whole faction-barrier thing, this becomes difficult between Horde and Alliance. I've maxed out my character space on this server so I can't make a lvl 1 Horde to /w or mail.

Happy Hunting!