Hello, I'm Adam. I am currently seeking a 10m or 25m raiding guild that possesses a great amount of progression through current content, specifically guilds that are close to or having cleared Heroic Dragon Soul and can effectively progress through upcoming content in Mists of Pandaria.

I've been a part of many previous raiding guilds, but all of these have been incredibly lackluster and are not at the level of skill that I am willing to spend my time with. They were just degrading to my ability. I have also took the initiative to construct my very own relatively successful raiding team, peaking at 6/8H 10m progression, but for a multitude of reasons I had to disband it. Personally, I cannot stand being a part of a failure anymore. I’m looking to join a guild that has made serious progression, is stable in that it won't be prone to a break-up, boasts maturity, intelligence, and professionalism, and where everyone else is as dedicated as I am to finishing end-game content.

I consider myself to be an exceptional player; nothing more, nothing less. I pull my weight in raids and I always perform to the best of my ability. I genuinely believe that by choosing me, you will not regret it. Below is a link to a popular Arms Warrior guide I have written for 4.3 (over 115k views) and several logs portraying my dps to backup the way I characterized myself earlier:

PvE Guide to the Arms Warrior


Latest Log Analysis


As for my availability, I highly prefer to raid Friday/Saturday/Sunday anywhere from 6pm up to 10pm PST; however, depending on the guild I am dealing with at hand, it’s a possibility for me to raid anywhere from 5pm to 10pm PST on any day of the week aside from Tuesday.

Lastly, do note that I am currently residing on the Aerie Peak server and have no issue server transferring if I feel comfortable migrating over to the proposed raiding team.

Thanks for viewing my (lengthy) post and I am looking forward to reading some responses. Feel free to message me in-game as well.
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