<Knights of the Templers>

We are looking to fill some raid spots on either of our guild raid groups. Mostly looking for healers, but tanks and DPS are often needed as well. Join the guild, or commit to a regular raid group, we are suffering from the cursed bane that is Diablo3.

    Raid days/time: Tue/Thur 4-7pm server Sat/Sun 12pm server
    Focus: Casual raiding guild family friendly
    Level 25, looking for all classes and positions (healers)
    2 Raiding Groups 8/8 Dragon Soul 1/8 Heroic
    Rated PvP group starting as well.

Contact: Gorkarp, Gimbly, or Lindalcron in game or through game mail if interested. (if mail Please Leave a way to get ahold of you).
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