PvP events and RP events and other mini games

85 Worgen Druid
For both alliance and horde.

I was thinking about making a guild, and being a previous member of an RPPVP server(game here for a friend) I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part in PvP or RP?

I would make a channel, guild, or both. or we could just create them here on the forum, which would be hard since not many people in the game actually look at the forums so I will need to somehow spread the word in the game.

PvP events would be wars, to open world PvP, to gurubashi(sp?) arena, to tournaments.

These can all be arranged, for example with the tournament, for allies and horde who will participate will have to pay a 20g fee(varies between level) if their are going to end up being different level brackets, and everyone would be a team, or solo, of course a solo would vs a solo since 2 vs 1 would be kind of unfair.

The winnings of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person will vary between how many people actually enter.

but a rough estimate would be 1st gets 65%, 2nd gets 25%, and 3rd gets 10% of earnings.

thats just an example...and i have no idea if i will cut it out like that.

Some RP events would be a RP spy quest, where you pretty much stalk someone and take notes until you gain information on the average log in and log off time and other things of that player.

There is "call of duty" i have to find out how that works though.

Obviously basic rp where we go into the blue recluse and make some story or w/e.

there would be doctor, school, family rp...

hide and seek

Any suggestions would be nice.

But how many people would be interested in this?

If you want to get in touch with me contact me through:


it might be easier to contact me through the guild I am in

the only other character I might be on, but unlikely is Nezal, and he isnt in that guild I am in.

I currently have no horde characters so you may have to contact me through here or by making an alt. If you can't make an alt, again contact me here, I will let you know when I have a horde character.
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85 Worgen Druid
Does anyone here have the slightest interest.....?
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90 Night Elf Rogue
I dont really care about RP, but id be totally on board with playing hide and seek in WoW
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