<Relic> 10m (7/8H) looking for ranged DPS

100 Night Elf Druid
<Relic> is an adult, semi-casual Alliance guild on the Doomhammer server that runs multiple 10 man raid teams. Our most progressed team (7/8H) has an immediate need for an excellent mage and another ranged DPS. Our goal is to complete Heroic Madness and get our drakes before MoP is released and move right into MoP raiding from there with a good solid team. We may not get there as fast as hardcore raiders, but we do get there!

<Relic> is a fairly large quild that has an active membership of both raid members and casual players.

Rico's Roughnecks is the raid team that is currently looking for an exceptional mage (as we just lost ours to work and marriage priorities). We're also in the market for a warlock or another ranged DPS.

Our raiding days are Tues - Wed - Thurs from 7:30-10:30 MST. Please be sure that you can commit to these raid times (other than occasional absences) because we don't carry a lot of extra raiders because bench time sucks.

If you can read the below and say yes, then we may be the place for you.
-- I am 21 or older (our average guild age is about 28 so no immature youngsters need apply)
-- I can take a joke and am not easily offended (our guild chat/vent is rated R so if you can't handle it, don't bother applying)
-- I can hold my own with my damage/healing but am not going to spend all night linking meters
-- I take pride in my character and ensure that he/she is geared to the best possible to maximize my raid role (ie: gemmed/enchanted/spec/glyphs/etc)
-- I take time outside of raids to read up on strategies or class mechanics to ensure that I am not that person that requires the raid leader to explain everything for the 50th time
-- I realize that standing in fire does not give my DPS a buff

If you feel that we may be the right fit for you, or are looking for more information, please visit our website at: www.relicraids.com. You can fill out an application in our Public Recruiting forum or message either of the raid leaders.

If you have any questions, please contact Quil or Catriana in game (raid leaders for the Roughnecks).
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100 Night Elf Druid
And we're still desperately seeking....
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100 Human Priest
We'd also consider recruiting a rogue too, still looking for a dps to join us. Currently working on heroic madness, and getting close to a kill.
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85 Draenei Priest
I have a warlock that might be interested.

How many 10-man raiding teams are there? Are any of them progressing in heroics? Do they have the same raid times?

Are you doing Firelands?

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100 Worgen Hunter
There are two teams currently running with two on hiatus till MoP. The progression team is Tues wed Thursday as mentioned above and on Madness HM while the casual group is 4/8 I think and a weekend team. We do occasional FL runs or some Bot and stuff for title/ achieves thrown in but not on a regualr weekly basis. Feel free to contact Quil or Catrina or relicraids.com.
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90 Human Hunter
Jen show me your bewbs.
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85 Dwarf Rogue
06/22/2012 11:14 PMPosted by Tahma
Jen show me your bewbs.

Truth be told, I bet you really don't want that Tahma.

Grats on H Madness, Cat!
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90 Human Paladin
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