It's Been A Great Ride!

85 Human Priest
ur stuff, can i haz?
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88 Human Warlock
07/13/2012 07:38 PMPosted by Ryook
ur stuff, can i haz?

I think Alin and Cadeus looted all his stuffz.
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90 Troll Mage
Hey Oz,

The yankees still suck bro. <3 One of my best friends in this game over the last 6 years, You have been missed, hopefully soon we can romp around NYC with a couple bottles of Jager and make for some epic IRL memories to go along with the in game ones.

Legends never die.
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100 Undead Priest
Sweet Jesus, there's a lotta love in this thread! Thanks a ton you guys! I really appreciate your kind words. It's really late and I just popped in to see what's cooking on old SC. Hope everyone is doing great. I haven't gotten much of a chance to stay current on what everyone is doing but to answer some of your posts...

I still haz all my stuffz
Basz I could never forget you, my man
Akinee, I was flirting! ; )
Cecilius you're still a sweetie
Dawky, it felt like forever my man...I agree
Dru!!! I luv ya man! Tell Turri I'm alive and well, but I keep getting hung up on Jessica Biel look-alikes!! : )

...and my man Nukky:
Dude, I'll talk to you soon man. Yeah the Yankees still suck, I know...but we're still ahead of you guys! And where you guys come off trading Youkilis?? WTF!!!
The beach clubs have been absolutely rockin' this summer.
The Corvette is still in one piece!
I started golfing again, and holy crap am I awful!

It's been fun, but I really miss you guys sometimes! I'll have to hop on vent one night and fire up the old 6 string for a good night of fun and giggles! Probably more towards the fall, because it's been absolute mayhem this summer with all the action around here!
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1 Undead Warlock
Ozzy my man, haven't had a chance to shoot the !@#$ with you in quite some time, but I just wanted to wish you all the best. I had my fair share of time away from the game (as I'm sure you've noticed) - I'm glad to see you're doing the same and enjoying your summer. You've always been the king of the server in my eyes, and one of the main reasons why I considered SC my home. Now that you're gone, like others have said in this thread, I truly do feel like SC is officially dead.

I wish that our recent experience of playing together could have ended on a brighter note, but I'm sure you and I both know that no matter what happens, nothing will ever put a shadow over the incredible adventures you and I have endured over the years. I just want you to know that you will always be a huge part of the best memories I have of this game. You've got my number, so don't be a stranger.

Heroes are remembered, but legends never die.
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85 Troll Rogue
Man... I come back and this is what I find? The great Ozzy hanging up the reins? Well I'm back for a bit tooling around - if Ozzy or anyone else from the old TGC is still around, hit me up!

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85 Troll Priest
I never got to say goodbye :'(
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90 Human Death Knight
Later ozzy, I only raided with you for a short time, but it was fun back then
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