Gay Guild?

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Rofl, wtf is this.

OP we don't discriminate against sexuality. Nor do we have enough !@#$%^s to fill one guild.

Just FYI.
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This guy has some serious issues.
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Im in search as well on Khaz
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This is Gundrak we are talking about, so any guild would happily fit the term 'gay'
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11040 I'm also searching for a gay guild.. to like gay content... and like...pretend I'm a girl IRL.... /thatwouldbethedream

BTW CodyBanks., God does not hate gays, he hates perverted old men who prey on innocent young children through mmorpg's... just an opinion. <3
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Your mentality sickens me oro, I hope u have kids 1 day mate and pull ya head in! U need a punch in the head IMO. Fgt

Are you serious? Renigade, you do nothing but talk crap about any crap you can find to talk crap about. I know a few people who play on this server (and IRL) who are actually gay, and guess what, they are just like everyone else! Soo when I read something like ...

God hates gays and so does UNDISPUTED

Hopefully there's a cure for the mental disease in the near future. Lmao!

It kinda pisses me off.
I hope u have kids 1 day mate and pull ya head in! U need a punch in the head IMO. Fgt

Thank you, I would be a great father. You don't know me, and your lucky you don't. You'd find it hard to talk with that bogan accent with half your teeth missing.
<3 !@#$ING Oro
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pretend I'm a girl IRL.... /thatwouldbethedream

I think you're getting gays confused with trans.

Also, this thread is rather silly.
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"Also, this thread is rather silly.”

Not really he just wants to know if there is a guild that has ppl who would fit in with him and that he would be able to communicate better with.Besides it doesn’t matter if the thread is silly don’t read it. End of story.
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pretend I'm a girl IRL.... /thatwouldbethedream

I think you're getting gays confused with trans.

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Hey im looking for somebody to game with. Nobody plays around where i live and im lookin for a cool gay guy to game with:)
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My Partner and I have a Guild on US Server Thrall our Guild is small and we are working hard to level it! The Guild is called Natural Order. We are Veteran Players as of now but welcome any one on any experience level. All are welcome!
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I was in a LGBTIQ guild for years on Dath then moved to another one when that shut down (Flame Wreath is still going but it's Alliance, so that might be a deal breaker haha!) -

Dath, in my years of being on there, has always appeared to have a fairly solid LGBTIQ community - even if the guild itself doesn't promote itself as being so. Most of the community is that old and well-known to each other that anything beyond the normal ridiculousness of trade isn't well tolerated (you know, the normal 'anal spam' 15 mins before shut down - if you've not experienced it, it's still a raging phenomenon on Dath >.<)

That being said, we're about to merge with Khaz. I cannot speak for them so have no clue what their community might be like.

Edit - for those new people joining Gundrak from Jubei, you may want to invest in a pair of Renigade ear muffs. Unfortunately, they're not guaranteed to stop your eyes from bleeding or to protect you from his alts, but they make you feel better :D
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You could come to my guild "perpetual fury" we have some gay people in it and it's a strong friendly group :)
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90 Night Elf Druid
I think gays are fabulous. !@#$ the haters
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(The Blood Oath)lvl 25
LFM Members to join our PvE guild we are an (AUSSIE) based guild (LGBT (GAY Friendly) (we accept all to join)
we are setting up raid team for 10m,25man,so talk to me if ur KEEN ! we alsodo Old School runs an if your keen just ask for an invite :D
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