Beware of the terrifying gbank ninja!

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A couple days ago our gbank was struck by a criminal mastermind. Retsun the hunter should consider changing his class to rogue after this heist that crippled our entire guild. Among the swag from this heist was a stack of Super Healing Potions, Small Brilliant Shards, an ace of mages (guess he missed the mages deck that was put in there), Sun Crystals and almost took our Bloodstone but decided to put it back. He then made his escape into the night after telling the whole guild "I ninja'd your gbank N#($#S". He has run off to <We Kill Kings> who have decided not to take any action at the moment.

If you see this hunter I advise you to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husbands cus he might steal their spare change.

The other members of <Friendship is Magic> had this to say: "He couldn't even get ninja'ing gbanks right!" One of our members was in shambles after the robbery, in shambles I say. The whole guild has been stricken by this whole ordeal.

Some members found that their jimmies weren't really all that rustled. In fact, they wish Retsun the best of luck in his new guild and hope he can finally replace that strength bow.
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Mother of God.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this post.
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06/03/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Pokeypierce
One of our members was in shambles after the robbery, in shambles I say.

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It's been months after the heist but it still feels like happened only yesterday. This horrifying crime has cast a shadow over the guild. I can't even look at the guild bank. An overwhelming feeling of grief grips me every time I place my mouse over the vault. The tale of this heist has become infamous. No one dares speak of this hunters name save in the hushed whispers. The guild master Littlepip has become increasingly paranoid and has started implementing anti-Retsun policies. All the hunters in our guild are being banned one by one until there are no more left. Then, when Pip is the last hunter remaining in the guild, he will Gkick himself as the ultimate protection against this threat.
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I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I hope your wounds heal in time, and your GM will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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