Duo seeking raiding guild.

90 Orc Warrior
As title states, husband and wife team looking for a guild. Competent Tank, Heal and DPS characters.

Seeking raid times of later evening 7PM'ish server time whatever day of the week, weekends are generally open.

Mine: Prot War / Prot&Ret Pally / Holy&Disc Priest / MM&BM Hunter / Rogue

Hers: Shad Priest / Lock / Mage / Hunter

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I'd like to talk to you about my guild, Guardians of the Light. We are looking to start 25man and are in need of DPSers. We can also periodically offer opportunities to heal or tank, based on the raid comp from week to week. We're a casual, adult guild with many couples, and we would love to add you both to our roster!

In addition to Raiding 3 nights a week, we PvP 3 nights also, so if you are interested in getting into that, we can help get you there.
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Yeah there are alot of good alliance side guilds on Veco more so if you have interest in RP as well as raiding. The Order of the Dragon has 2 raid groups one of raids at 6:30pm server which might work for you. we tend to be a smaller more personal guild but we dont let that get in the way of us doing some raiding.

I noticed this char is horde if you plan to stay with that faction couldnt tell you what are the big raiding guilds but i have delt with the Blacktooth Grin and they are an Honorable bunch.
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Me, my wife and my son play on this server and in Guardians of The light. You and your wife would be most welcomed. There are some great guilds out there so take your time and chat with them.We have lots of couples in our guild so you will fit right in.If you have any questions you can whisper in game. Hope to welcome you to our guild. Goodluck! Hail The Light! Hail The Guardians!! Hail The Veco server!!!
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90 Worgen Druid
My wife (Andeyma) and I both are in Guardians of Light as well--and it is very couple friendly. Definitely a solid raiding group, and you can get your hands in other aspects of the game as well if you ever wanted to. Plus, guardians have been around since for years, so you know its a stable guild. I would definitely recommend it.
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
My brother already mentioned the Order, but Ill go out and say a little more. Our second raid group is looking for some RDPS. Looking over your toons, her mage and your hunter could fit that quite nicely. Im not the raid leader for that one so it would be a matter of speaking to them, but the spots are there.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Somewhat amused that Alliance guilds are the first to respond... However, I'll try not to disappoint. :)

If you are looking into a faction change, Hallowed Remnants are actively raiding three nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday for Dragon Soul, with a Monday group occasionally up and running to finish one of the raids, Wednesday for Firelands). Our raid times are generally 6pm-9pm PST/PDT, so server time. We use KSK as a loot system with a few rules in place to prevent abuse (IE: Same person able to win gear on multiple characters, people rolling on stuff not of their main spec, etc) as well as an active guild overall.

Currently, we have two active raid groups going into DS every week, with one group a full clear and the second usually able to hit 5/8 on the first night and finishing it up on the night before the reset as long as everyone shows up for it. Outside of heroic raiding attempts (Needing to pull your own weight and have the proper gear pretty much. We don't use silly gear score rules or anything of the sort for heroics or normal raids.), we try our best not to exclude anyone from the raids and cycle people into each raid as needed. If the one raid group doesn't run in the week, we'll try and get you into the other raid group. Nothing is enjoyable in sitting while everyone else has fun. We won't be holding you back progression wise, nor will we suddenly kick you for disagreeing with how we handle things if you are constructive in your feedback of stuff.

Horde wise... I'm honestly not too sure which ones are actively raiding right now and are recruiting for PvE content. I know Point Blank is one, though no clue if they are needing anyone currently.

EDIT: If you are at all curious, I'll be sitting on my Horde alt for a bit today. Izmeralda's the name. Original, right?
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