Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a specific kind of guild.

I'm a veteran player, I have been playing since vanilla, raided from MC to ICC. I did the whole hardcore thing through BC as an officer in a raiding guild. Then in WotLK I led a casual raiding guild through ICC and other WotLK raids. I took a year long hiatus after cataclysm came out and decided it was time to come back. I am also at about 370 ilvl

I'm looking for a guild that is casual. I prefer a smaller, newer guild. I enjoy doing everything from questing, to raiding and instancing, to PVP. I'm a Healer and a DPS'r on all of my characters. I have 6 level 85's and working on finishing the collection haha. I'm only looking for mature and active guilds. I like to have people to chat with while I'm playing :)

If this is your guild, then shoot me an ingame message or mail, or reply here and I'll get back to you when i can!