Want to Leave KT? merge smaller realms?

90 Human Warrior
i have been on KT for over 7 years. My main (warrior) has over 113 days played so i have really given the realm a try, its too bad it never really took hold like other busy realms have and now with D3 out its just dead :(
i have 2 toons ilvl 396 with no heroic pug raids in sight on KT
I want to transfer all of my toons to another realm (like Stormrage) including my own 1 man guild with 4 tabs, 7 85's and 2 low lvls all with their own maxed professions (only one i don't have is inscription) and about 30 boa's in the bank
i want to keep all my toons together as they help each other out but don't think i should have to pay $250.oo for the transfer to keep playing a realm that's dead and boring
what are the chances of transferring or maybe in the near future of merging 2 or more realms together to help populate??
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90 Night Elf Druid
I'm not sure what the question is here. Are you asking on a realm forum what the chances are of boatloads of other people xfering here to repopulate, or are you asking if blizzard has any plans to merge realms to try to revive dying servers? I mean I doubt many people will be xfering here unless they like wasting 25 to 55 dollars, and as far as realm merging goes, I would assume that is a much more difficult process than you would think it to be and i highly doubt blizzard will ever do that since they have yet to implement the ability to mail BoA's cross realm and if they cant even move a very small list of items with ease how could they hope to move entire characters along with their guilds, banks, achievements, void storage, and everything else.
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100 Goblin Shaman
1. KT has always been a smaller pop server.
2. Yes it seems to have lost a bit of its former luster and/or at least its fun loving communal charm.
3. Many posts have been made in the general forums along these lines and Blizzard has said that they have no intention of merging low pop servers - at this time.
4. This server opened January 2006. How in the heck have you been on it for over 7 years?

If you don't like it here - bai bai and good luck to you. Just remember, the grass usually isn't as green on the other side as you might think. Unless you take a boat load of friends with you or have a raid guild invite waiting for you, once you transfer over it's almost like being the new kid at school.

Under Oath is a 2/8H guild and you have to pug to raid? That does suck. I doubt MoP is really that far away and by then Diablo won't be quite as shiny and new. I'm hoping the activity level will pick back up again then.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
If you feel this realm is dead .... play on The Venture Co realm.... YIKES! Kul Tiras always has people in ORG, where as VECO.. My guild always has people on, more so as the day goes on. I would be the only one at times! Really felt like the Twilight zone on that realm.
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100 Undead Rogue
I've been on KT off and on since vanilla, and rerolled here full time in BC.

I still like the realm. It's not uber dead but it's not overly busy, either. We're just in a lull before MoP. We saw the same decline pre Cata. =\

Though Cata seems to have taken its toll on the realm; most (if not all) of the 25man guilds are gone, downsized to 10s. Hopefully if things don't pick back up in MoP they'll consider a merge, cross realm zones, LFR, and LFG is only a bandaid.
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100 Troll Priest
I might have to take advantage of the 25% off realm transfer sale. I myself have also been on this server since Vanilla and since then, haven't really been happy with it's population to begin with. But who knows. I might stick around a little longer just to see how it turns out.
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