Hey guys its been about 3 years I've needed one achievement for Battlemaster. So the time has come to get a raid started and get it out of the way. I'm hoping to gauge some interest if If anyone else needs this or would like to ride with me. I currently have it set up for Friday June 8th at 6p.m. server. I would love to get as close to 40 people in as possible (Addon isn't 100% guarantee queue).

I have a Mumble account accessible to me, however its 25 player max. This could pose a problem depending on interest level, so if anyone has a bigger Mumble or Vent it would be great.

Requirements are as follows:
~Have Mumble and/or Vent depending
~Have the addon from Curse gaming called Preform Av enabler found here http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/preform-av-enabler
~Have at least rank 1 of the Stormpike Insignia trinket.

Please get back to me as promptly as possible so I can have a decent head count, feel free to add me on Real ID: Reignhart008@yahoo.com