Currently recruiting for our raid teams. We are in need of dedicated players with the motivation to progress. Currently in major need of 2 healers and a melee dps. Currently raiding Friday, Saturday and Mondays 9-12.

We are primarily a group of local players looking to expand and progress through Mist of Pandaria. The majority of us have been playing the game since the release, although the majority of us are local its taken years for us to pull the trigger on the creation of BEARSHARKTOPUS. With our dedication to progressing this will lead to nothing but success. If this sounds appealing to you and you'd be interested in taking a part in this, feel free to hit me up in game or message another member and you'll get directed towards someone that will be able to help you out.

Although progression is our priority we still know how to have fun while doing so. We wouldn't be playing the game if we wasn't enjoying ourselves while doing so.
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