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Hey guys, me and a few friends are looking for a new place to transfer over on the alliance side...We narrowed our choice down to this battlegroup but are starting to look around at realms...can you guys give me an idea of how your alliance side guys are?

We are mainly pvp'ers but I pve a bit as well [nothing serious since 4.1]. Our troll-fu is pretty strong, and I'm a decent AH player. Hit me up.
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I have the same question:

A few friends and I are looking at a server transfer off of dying Dethecus. How is your server? I realize things are a bit slow everywhere now, but how is your economy? Does it take you three days to sell a green shirt in the Auction House? Do you cry into your keyboard when you need to find a tailor or a blacksmith, or can you dredge somebody up in a reasonable amount of time? How is PVP? Do you have an active community? Is it easy to find people to fill groups for raiding and 2's, or does it take hours of spamming in trade chat? Thanks in advance for your input.
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Im not even in this server, but from my research, this battle group is lame for PVP, but this server is on the high end... Which is GREAT! (if your bringing your own friend) that means youll get paired against lower-than-average teams, but have the best of the bad crop on this server.

Thats Why I'm interested in hearing what this server has to say, I'm interested in the community, the culture, what not.

AH is a valid question too though... How big is the economy/item turnaround?

Is it filled with elitists who always play whose-is-bigger? Is it troll-a-riffic?
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dont transfer... trust me
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06/19/2012 04:50 AMPosted by Soul
dont transfer... trust me

You're a little late.
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I sort of would like to see these questions answered too.

Fresh transfer here trying to find out more about the server.

(Also looking for interested members for a raiding guild)
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