Hi, I am IL396, 1/8 Heroic Dragon Soul, 8/8 Normal Dragon Soul. I have recently switched job's, My training schedule is 2:30pm-10:00pm Monday-Friday, My training will end on July 20th. My normal schedule will be 5:00am-1:30pm Monday-Friday. I would really enjoy getting into the heroic side of Dragon Soul. I have been raiding sense Burning Crusade. My main spec is shadow and I currently do not have an off-spec, I would not be apposed to building an off-spec if it would benefit the guild. I was raiding with "Least I Could Do" I have decided to leave this guild for personal reason's, I have much respect for the raider's and the raid leaders, they are a great guild and I wish them much success in current content and future content. You can contact me in game on Stickypunch or FungOnYou both characters are horde side US Spinebreaker thank you very much for your time.