Healing before Level 25 Revised

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I've asked that this be considered for a link in Icedragon's Newbie Guide Listing on the New Player Forum.

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66 Pandaren Priest
I have just started my first toon specifically to be a healer in dungeons, and hopefully later on, raids. I found this thread to be extremely helpful. So thank you!

(My level 66 Pandaren Priest should be a healer, but it was my very first toon and I didn't know what I was doing. I leveled her to 66 on quests before even attempting dungeons. I don't want to take her into level 66 dungeons without knowing what I am doing. So I started a Pally to learn with and to use as well. Once I know what I am doing, I will also take my Priest into the fray.)

Now to a question: My new healer toon is a Holy Paladin and I am now at level 16 - ready to venture into dungeons with her. I have created mouseover macros, keybindings and added Vuhdo -- and I've practiced these. I really think I am ready to go. But ... you mention several times that a key spell for Paladins is "Holy Light". I do not have this. I have looked and looked and cannot find it anywhere.

At this point I have set up Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Flash of Light and Lay on Hands, but have an empty space I am holding for Holy Light. I just thought I would ask if this has changed and it is no longer a spell for Pallys? Or does it come later?

Again I appreciate your help here. Invaluable!

Edited to add: I just looked this up on Wowhead and Wowiki and then checked my Spellbook, which I should have done to begin with o_o. Sources, including my spell book say Holy Light is not obtained until level 34 for my Holy Paladin, so this guide should be updated to save confusion.

Thanks anyway for the rest. It really is a good guide.
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100 Night Elf Druid
This guide (and thread) is pre-MoP and quite a bit of info in it is likely outdated; also it doesn't cover Monks.

I don't know if there is an updated equivalent.
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