any Oregonians on Skywall?

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I'm looking at transfering my druid and later all my toons to a pacific server.
This is in my top 4, and I was curious how many of you live in Oregon or around Portland, OR. I believe true wow enjoyment comes from irl friends grouping together in and out of the game.

Give a shout to where you live in Oregon and what faction you play on

I'm big on raiding and am working on twinking my alts for 60/70/80 content too, but am online 6-10pm nearly every night sometimes more lol, very involved with guilds big and small, I'd love to join or start one with Oregonians!
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Wow <Hallowed Be Thy Name> is a pure Portland guild.. thats amazing that you would post on this server and our whole guild is from your location, if ur actually serious and not trolling please feel free to contact my GM or co GM Dizy/Guiseimabear. All though ur play times are a bit diff than ours, we raid 1-2 nights a week at 8-11pm. Hope to see you on skywall!
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I spoke with Diznasty
so you're just pulling my leg?
he says all you guys are california/canada based
not cool
Edited by Ryån on 6/10/2012 8:29 PM PDT
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what's not cool is you just jumping to conclusions. Maybe diznasty is pulling your leg?

Quit being a *@!!, Rufflez has no reason to waste his time on the forums trying to help you. Stupid ungrateful kids.
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idk whats with the hostility, i was looking for community
i was told there's portlanders on skywall, so i ask Diz about it and he talks on about how all the raiders live in portland and then says he is messing with me and they are from cali

apparently skywall isn't the place for me, have fun
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yiou were easire than the rest.
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I call them Oregonisms.
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cant stop me baaaaaabe
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Ghetto is a troll, he trolled on my thread too. Anyways Im from CA, been to oregon once, I thought it was pretty cool. Off topic I know, but hey whatever.
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I am..:P
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<~~~~ Seattle, WA <3
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Tich is not for yo-

Wait, wrong server.
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im from everett, wa, sorta close to portland
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I'm in Portland but not very active on Skywall anymore, mostly I'm on Wyrmrest Accord these days.

My very first toon was a tauren druid on Skywall, those were the days. I've since transferred it away to follow some friends in a guild. This toon was my second and I keep telling myself I'm going to do something with it and then I don't.

I hope you find what you seek.
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